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Upgrade to 68 Causing So Many Issues: No Calendar Loading, Ignored Settings And Options, No New Automatic Email Downloads, Not Responding On Blank Page

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I upgraded to 68 yesterday and Thunderbird just blew up after a decade of virtually no issues:

1. Upon initial TB loading, won't get new emails, won't load Lightning, ignores all options and account settings

2. Immediately goes to a white page, shows "Not Responding"

3. Immediate goes back to my email, no calendar, no automatic download of email

4. Today's Pane is turned off, have to manually change it to see my calendar

5. Today's pane shows no schedule events

Rinse, Repeat.

What has happened?

Went back to 60.8, all is well.

This is unbelievable that so much core functionality on my desktop is broken.

Chosen solution

There seems there may be bug fixes due in version 68.1.2

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Hello there Theo 1352 We have read your message.

We try To help you. Greetings Firefox volunteer.

hello there it is indeed a whole list of crashed topics.

it is possible that this is caused by add-ons that you have installed.

Turn them off and reinstall Thunderbird Mail.

now that you are back with the previous Thunderbird version, can you send me a crash report?

Here is a tool / ADD-on to clean up your version that is currently running. https://———

Here is a version of the latest Thunder bird. It is directly our own.

Let me hear from you.

Greetings Firefox volunteer

Modified by День сумо

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I have 1 add-on installed and it is Lightning - no other add-ons.

There are no crash reports, because it is not crashing.

1. 68 is ignoring settings and options preferences, including not automatically downloading new email.

2. Lightning doesn't load, and when it does, it is empty, no scheduled events will load.

Please read what I wrote - there is no crash.

3. MozCleaner was for Thunderbird 33-42 and not updated since 2015.

I'm not a novice, so please don't make recommendations like this.

Not helpful whatsoever.

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Hello there Theo 1352.

May I ask where you got the complete installation?

Just from the web somewhere that lay around there or that of ours?

Did you upgrade to a 64 bit from your 32?

Greetings Firefox Volunteer.

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1. From Mozilla's site:

Same place I download both Firefox and Thunderbird.

2. No, I did not install the 64 bit version, no real reason to change.

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Hello there again theo1352.

it is highly recommended to back up profile and data folders. If something goes wrong, you can uninstall the new version, reinstall the old one, and restore the backup.

I will continue to look for a solution. one minute please

The release notes list new features, changes, and fixes. One of the major differences to Thunderbird 60.x is that add-ons may only work if the add-on developers have adapted them. Any add-on that has not been adapted will be disabled when you run Thunderbird 68.0.

it could therefore be that your calendar is not loaded optimally.

can you see if the lightning add-onn is installed correctly for this?

Read this :

after getting or clicking away what is mentioned on the photo below you and a blank field will be shown.

as you mention.

And a manual request for mail seems to start the auto-downloads again.

Just a moment please.

Try : set Thunderbird back to the default settings.

Let me hear from you Greetings Firefox Volunteer.

Modified by День сумо

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I use Hekasoft to back up, that is done regularly.

I am aware of the Lightning issues in 68, but I did have the version you linked - still doesn't make any difference.

I did try the fix mentioned in the article, it doesn't help.

I do believe it is Lightning, itself, that is the issue.


Keep me posted.

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re : 68 is ignoring settings and options preferences, including not automatically downloading new email. Please Start Thunderbird in Safe Mode as this should disable Lightning. Please report back on whether this resolved the particular issue with options/Preferences/downloading of new mail.

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Hello there again


!!(If the Thunderbird team would not have done anything at all, only WebExtensions would be supported by Thunderbird 68.0. All classic extensions would not work anymore and there would have been nothing that users could do to change that.)!!

Greetings Firefox Volunteer.

Modified by День сумо

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No, it didn't help.

Running in safe mode is one of the first diagnostics I run - I am active on the Mozillazine Forum since the year they began, this is the first thing they mention to do.

As I said, I only run 1 add-on, Lightning.

I ran safe mode, I also removed Lightning manually.

I have read other people complain about these condition on sites like Ghacks, both calendar and automatic email downloads.

I have had few, if any, issues with Thunderbird over the years. It's been generally flawless.

This concerns me greatly - I've never had a piece of software simply collapse like this.

I use Thunderbird Portable for personal email, when they finally release v68, I'll see how that works out. That also runs great.

more options is a bad idea I think - plus it isn't compatible with current versions of Thunderbird

Severe performances are most often caused by issues other than add-ons.

> not automatically downloading new email.

This is typically caused by Antivirus Software

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p.s. it would be wise to wait for automatic updates, rather than downloading before an update is provided to you.

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I don't run an A/V. I already checked all my other security layers, they did not screw up TB68 - I also checked their respective forums, no problems to report.

I did get the pop-up telling me 68 was available - when I did, I went to the download site.

I do not let any software automatically update, never, nor do I download and install earlier than the announced release.

As for that Moz Cleaner, I already rejected the suggestion earlier in the thread - why would I install a piece of software that hasn't been update since 2015?

I never trust these cleaners.

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Since the update to Thunderbird ver 68.1.1 my lightning calendar does not load on startup, and my gcontactsync has stopped working. I can usually get the calendar back by restarting in safe mode, letting it load without addons etc, shutting down, and then restarting normally. On restart, my calendar reappears! But gcontactsync is toast at this point. These are the only two addons I use. Hoping for a new update from Mozilla that fixes these issues...soon!

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It works, but what a pain.

Downgraded to 60.9, all is well.

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BTW, as a point of reference - I run Portable Thunderbird, as well, never had any issues with any upgrade - 68.1 runs like T'Bird should.

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Not automatically downloading mail in 68.1 has been found to be caused by having an invalid account set as default. The cause of the set to default has been at this point apportioned to manually sort folders add-on.

The invalid account is set to "local folders"

So, right click your account in the folder pane and select account settings.

Now select the outgoing server (SMTP) in the list of accounts. Select and account in the list of outgoing servers and set it as Default. Restart Thunderbird.

Bug referring here

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Local is not set as my default - it is my corporate address, a Google account.

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I have just observed I am also experiencing this (first reboot last night probably since the update), and have commented in the bug report. Hopefully Jorg can set me straight.

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In my case, after update gcontactsync was auto removed. I downloaded the one that is supposed to work with 68, but it failed.

I have downloaded this addon and all is ok. Provider for Google Calendar 68.0

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Toad-Hall said

In my case, after update gcontactsync was auto removed. I downloaded the one that is supposed to work with 68, but it failed. I have downloaded this addon and all is ok. Provider for Google Calendar 68.0

Thanks Toad-Hall - I'm also having no success with the latest gcontactsync (ver 3.1.7).

I am able to get Lightning calendar to work, but only after I restart Tbird in safe mode, count to ten, then restart normally. The calendar pane ("today" pane) then reappears and syncs normally. Has anyone else tried this? Does it work for you?

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