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Firefox crashes overnight, everyday

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Hi FIrefox team, I have a Windows 10 display computer system that is switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It uses multiple Firefox windows to display charts and images, 10 windows in total.

Every morning, I come in to office and discover that most of the Firefox windows are displaying the "Gah! Something crashed." message. It gives a convenient blue button to reload all the tabs, but I would like to find out what is causing the crash and prevent crashes in the first place.

Here is a list of my submitted crash reports: bp-c5d9f2c2-5bc6-41de-bddd-7c0200190118 bp-bf25e5a0-cad1-4074-8ddf-929b10190118 bp-5674a715-89c3-4640-8047-73acb0190118 bp-442bc27e-1060-44e1-bb76-04aaa0190118 bp-20d258a7-7024-4598-871b-1462b0190118 bp-df21407f-8e9c-497f-a5da-1b3b40190118 bp-2a1bfd31-ba3b-4fa9-85dc-5b6330190118 bp-1c94d311-0d2c-40d1-b8d3-98ad40190118 bp-dad18dc2-80cd-4c09-911f-cfc2e0190118 bp-0b9f5eb9-9296-435a-a81e-4dca50190118 bp-8550c9ad-fc92-4fed-b18f-b08ef0190118 bp-b804dffd-357c-4cd0-8775-802240190118 bp-f0cbc689-173a-4985-9e2c-533b40190118 bp-53a5b4a9-cbaa-4acb-9e2d-5d3730190118 bp-444ace91-f119-4b07-abe3-52aa90190118 bp-91f59963-c384-40a8-bda0-3742d0190118 bp-ef79359b-d874-4fdc-a13f-2f8bc0190118 bp-41e45dec-df7e-426f-9ce5-79ede0190118 bp-0b6cb5b4-63ee-4961-a932-26d110190118 bp-8f1a7b0c-dae5-4267-a429-090cc0190118 bp-f926a9f2-c18b-498e-9124-c5d610190118 bp-8fdfd938-2455-4e35-a2ff-6fb390190118 bp-0d1d06d6-6b02-4120-993c-7855c0190118 bp-8216efb6-cfd6-4a3a-99a6-e906d0190118 bp-75055862-9253-4203-9540-4b56c0190118 bp-72d4461c-2dec-4b9a-aa77-886100190118 bp-0d595bae-c31e-43f4-8595-3628d0190118 bp-c0ad0570-4c66-4934-a3b8-10db00190118 bp-3d223716-1228-45f8-be6e-5e8d00190118 bp-2a0eeb33-7fd3-4bb9-9126-4ea230190118 bp-7645df77-c345-4125-962c-28bf30190118 bp-ee38c9ba-8af3-4ddb-b934-69ed00190118 bp-1fdb3c66-997d-4a09-9b8f-cb6b50190118 bp-d1b04b46-63ff-4a55-865a-35c8e0190118 bp-f0c7172e-0ae2-4b49-ba14-12e230190118 bp-829bd3f3-01a1-45bf-9be0-9511b0190118 bp-497479cc-613e-46c6-941a-27a400190118 bp-8f56cbd1-ad54-430e-b3de-76a3f0190118 bp-fc5b34f4-5d78-46a0-9117-fc5e80190118 bp-918b8676-4980-44a5-bba7-c60910190118 bp-0469f739-7f32-4438-9424-981350190118 bp-496588b4-2e69-4b07-b010-9b7090190118 bp-d05d2e63-cf38-47d9-b8f4-6c5bd0190118 bp-e540a4ed-25a2-491f-a100-cbef70190116 bp-5eca4c71-757f-486e-b341-110b20190109 bp-aaa90706-fc2d-44d4-8374-d82280181218 bp-b395dcab-4f78-4f05-b5ed-a0e4a0181213 bp-9b50ee2f-401b-4d5b-accf-578230181206

I hope you will be able to help me prevent Firefox from crashing everyday.

Thanks, Jonah. +65-98350243

Chosen solution

hi jonah, please see if the following step can fix this: go to the firefox menu ≡ > options > privacy & security panel and under permissions check the setting to prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser.

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Chosen Solution

hi jonah, please see if the following step can fix this: go to the firefox menu ≡ > options > privacy & security panel and under permissions check the setting to prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser.

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Thanks, Philipp. I have just now switched on this setting. Let me see whether the Firefox still crashes tomolo morning.

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What kinda charts and windows are those?

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We tile several Firefox windows across two monitors. They comprise of DIVs, PNGs, web maps, jpegs and text. The attached photo shows how they are arranged.

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So what GPU are you using and is the GPU software up to date? What it sounds like is GPU issues that is causing the Browser to crash. I don't have the setup you do but have chrome and firefox browser loaded with more then one tab and left over night not running your type of software setup and neither browser crashes. I seriously think something else is causing the crash and the Browser is something that is more obvious then the other factor causing the problem. I would say run a limited window in each display and let it sit and see what happens.

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Do you have any recent crash reports?

The first report in the list crashed Nov 2018 Firefox 63.0.3 Crash Report [@ mozilla::a11y::IDSet::GetID ]

  • bp-c5d9f2c2-5bc6-41de-bddd-7c0200190118
  • CrashTime : Fri, 30 Nov 2018 22:08:27 GMT

The last report in the list crashed Dec 2018 Firefox 63.0.3 Crash Report [@ mozilla::a11y::IDSet::GetID ]

  • bp-9b50ee2f-401b-4d5b-accf-578230181206
  • CrashTime : Wed, 05 Dec 2018 09:41:08 GMT
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Surprise, surprise!

I had expected to come in to office this morning and be able to take some new crash reports. But none of the Firefox windows have crashed since yesterday.

Let me continue to monitor this tomolo and for the next few days, and then take some more crash reports if there are crashes.

To answer WestEnd's question, we have two identical graphics cards on this system. They are AMD FirePro SDI Matrox C680 PCIe x 16, and the driver is version 22.19.693.256. I attach a photo in case I left out any details.

Thanks, Jonah.

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That screenshot shows a driver date from 2017. That is very old for a display driver.

Aren't there any updates available?

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Okay, let me try to upgrade the graphics driver if Firefox crashes in the next few days.

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the crash is the same issue as so the gpu shouldn't play into that...

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I am very happy to come in to office today to see that Firefox did not crash.

I think it is very likely that Philipp's initial answer that suggested to "prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser" successfully solved the problem.

Thank you very much, Philipp, WestEnd and Cor-el, for helping me.

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hi again jonahyongntu, the developers looking into this bug would be interested in the inner working of the page that triggered the crashes reliably - would you be able to answer the question at ? thanks a bunch

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Hi everyone,

I received an email from philipp that you had interest in what caused the daily crash in my Firefox.

I really do not know which "browser window/tab" caused the crashes, if any. We have as many as 10 tabs/windows running 24/7. I had given a photo of what they look like here:

All I know is that the solution was to activate the "prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser" setting. I do not really understand what this setting does. There have been no more crashes after activating this setting. So, it's kind of like a "magic button" to me (press the magic button and the problem is solved). But all my tabs continue to function as usual and are not affected by this setting.

I would be happy to provide more information, but I think I may need some guidance on what information to provide.

Thanks for helping to solve my daily crash.

Thanks, Jonah. +65-98350243