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I cannot open websites

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Can't open any website. Have always the message "Certificate not valid" or "Website can't be opened" but with Safari there are no problems.

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It doesn't solve the problem with the certificate. The message bout an invalid certificate still appears in Firefox, but not in Safari.

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  • uses an invalid security certificate SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
  • configured their website improperly

How to troubleshoot the error code "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" on secure websites

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I've Sophos Home Antivirus. There is no possibility to disable HTTPS Scanning. The problem exists with Firefox and Chrome as well, but not with Safari.

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Hi bawe, the following answer is for a Windows user, but the same general principles apply to MacOS, I believe:

If your security software is creating fake site certificates, you have a couple options to try to get Firefox to accept them:

However, I think it's a good idea to confirm that Sophos is doing it, to rule out other possible intermediaries. You can share the coded certificate for a site with us using the steps in FredMcD's earlier reply here:

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Global Sign Certificate is installed in Firefox already. Here I've copied the coded certificate as described above:

Der Zertifikat-Aussteller der Gegenstelle wurde nicht erkannt.

HTTP Strict Transport Security: true HTTP Public Key Pinning: false



MIIC0jCCAbqgAwIBAgIIAzJW4Kzm1eAwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQELBQAwGjEYMBYGA1UE AwwPU3RvcEFkIExvY2FsIENBMB4XDTE4MTEwNTAwMDAwMFoXDTIwMTEwNTAwMDAw MFowGTEXMBUGA1UEAwwOd3d3LmFtYXpvbi5jb20wggEiMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUA A4IBDwAwggEKAoIBAQCLRjRFBds6vYQ7RqfbfD8XQ9Fjt1TwmkQyAfIBYiPNJ4M6 wOF6N87ZNd5izxhZ1hqrC63wxBdWcT39XxAa0FJJ6eGgrEQJnzRoWItLycsfU+Zy 7BuG2pzu8c1Gx4+yXsjKadFZgLA6zL4HZz6sCmFPqBsqB5WuRlter2BD9A4+Nc7u 9adry7Fh562Vop9gD46/ydzbwTrtwjhs4pOZKRP4EBwCZU+vpGIgJ4q2J5loXRPa FI+i6GF7E4bpZDhK1w16euGUdIIUUs65I3lb/mgFWGpk7N1DeDCOzKXSfkPBk23t kuGM7mgj2dRCQ8VZJrHQd/QUl/isOLZLQPuejwN/AgMBAAGjHTAbMBkGA1UdEQQS MBCCDnd3dy5hbWF6b24uY29tMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAA4IBAQBoZURkpeN5xEiW BIv0fi83CYFJZ0+KoK2d85RJiB7ZeaXReHSPbDmXtPDXpW3vl+qUoTVpmziN9muD oSfjfWKVYq75ljsZN8gpFyMjjOLuuDEfKWTx7RmvKAXq8wxFCUJhnWtQe00tzuni tImbJzAKYy/4QpWjwi9N93RuSVNr8SNcKYyb1u5mQmpXSMlo/kzWxdW7jE8vSVfo HoNG884h34bC6N2C6fwNE3FtcXWRmpTZ77gAGO2JBVkbeNabU9SeYDZdXLp9AjKw FmmQ2W8ucApLfcR72LC8dRpJyJcqOouECUPBF7HourWm2vbyv2vRIrDsDgkXyPlg WzCcMInf

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This cert is quite OK. Do you have actual date&time set on your computer?

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Date and time are ok both. Remember: The issue appears only in Firefox; Safari works without problems.

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When I check that certificate using I'm puzzled about this:

Issuer CN = StopAd Local CA

Does StopAd sound like a program you installed?

This is their page on how to get Firefox to trust their fake certificates so their software can read your secure browsing:

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I've StopAd, but only working in Safari. I've reinstalled StopAd Certificate as well cleared browser cache and cookies. There is no white list in my version of StopAd. I won't disable my antivirus program while surfing in the net. I know it's maybe difficult - the bug still exists. I thank you all for your effort helping me, I give up now. I'm going to surf only with Safari now.

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I don't think Sophos is causing the problem in Firefox. The problem is Firefox doesn't accept the fake certificates from StopAd.