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Firefox, unlike other browsers, has wrapping problem

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List of cities with borders around individual city names is wrapping incorrectly. See screenshot and forum thread trying to resolve it.

The wrapping problem does not occur in the other browsers I have tried. I also looked at the page in Explorer and Edge. No problems there. I do not have Chrome installed. Look at these examples:

Narrow your browser window until you see the problem in Firefox.

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What is the web address of the troublesome page?

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Hmm, that's strange. Why does the left border separate from the content?

Since it is a span element, it has display:inline by default. If I override that to display:inline-block, then the border moves along with the content, as a block you could say.

I don't know if Firefox is right or wrong here, but that could be a workaround if your platform permits it, and also because if it's a bug it could take a few versions to get fixed.

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I can confirm this in all Firefox versions I tested including Nightly 64. I don't know why this happens. I do notice a space after the dot when the border is displayed correctly and that this space is missing when Firefox wraps after the left border.

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I did some experiments. Adding display:inline-block; solves the wrapping problem, but creates another problem. Top and bottom padding can no longer be adjusted with padding:0 3px; The padding problem is also happening in Explorer and Edge. I had to wait a few minutes after making the change in the beta template, and then click ctrl-f5 to see the change in all the browsers.

I can still adjust left and right padding.


It uses this template:

Compare the padding in the Sandbox18 page to the padding in the article using the unchanged (non-Beta) template:

Note that there is space between the lines. They do not touch each other.

Modified by firelight

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I want to note something about the emails I received when replies were made to my post. The emails did not have a plain link back to this thread. Fortunately, I had bookmarked it.

The email only had:

  • Mark it as solved.
  • This doesn't solve my problem.

The replies provided additional useful info. Further experimentation came up with a partial answer. So I suggest putting a plain link in the emails. Otherwise, some people will give up, and not come back to the thread. Or threads will be closed prematurely. Or those who reply may get discouraged thinking their reply was not helpful.

By the way, does anybody have any ideas on how to fix the padding problem when using display:inline-block;

Modified by firelight

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Hi, please adjust your last post in BOLD to draw someones/Moderator/Supervisor's attention to it as I believe that is important as you do.

As to what I can do , nothing.

If you have a bug, file a bug report. Bug Writing Guidelines :

Again you think we have power to do things. Volunteer Support has no power to do anything.

Right a big report as per guidlines.

Submit feedback : or

Keep a eye out for Admin/moderator and tackle them.

I have nothing to offer you than why the heck are you still working on this and not uninstalled it and reinstalled with a full version installer for releases or moved to the Extended Release.

It defies logic at times beating a dead horse.

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There is no anybody. It is a group of people that Volunteer their time to help. You can be one of them since it seems you know your way around. Some are super duper and then you have me that suggests what I have suggested.

My go to is uninstall and reinstall with full version installer. I also try to find a solution. Just your asking for something that is not here.

Volunteers here can not do anything with your suggestions other than add you to " a whole bunch of people do not like ...problems with...." Maybe 2x's a month.

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Hi, info your almost at end of life for updates or already there for you Video Card : adapterDescription: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series I have a 7970 and am at EOL (end of life)

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I have this same problem with Firefox on 2 different desktop PCs.

I may or may not file a bug report. Hopefully, someone else will beat me to it. You would think Firefox would have several paid staff lurking in these forums to find stuff to post to bugzilla, etc.. If not, it further explains why Firefox market share is low.

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yes there are a few lurkers. We are not encouraged to contact them as well I prefer less confrontations within a typing manor so I will not go that far and is best I stop here.

I do not know who is on or would suggest a message. If see other posts with Admin or Moderator go for it.

As a non-profit this is how the keep costs and confrontations down.

I do not know your whatever relations hip to the URL's in your 1st post but : HTML ERRORS :


If you are a part of the above you have coding to do and figure out and with coding Mozilla Firefox follows the rules for web browser practises in current and for future as the decides.

All other browsers look the other way for bad code and is why you see work a rounds for Firefox in code. If made it right the 1st time would not need to make work a rounds.

If are with those URL's then I suggest moving your code to HTML5 Responsive free templates that I am not a part of in any way. They also have a link to purchase a wack of stuff for 1 month. Or work with the free Templates as I have.

I only uploaded and submitted the 1st 2 pages. Errors and bad code are exactly that, errors/bad code.

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firelight said

By the way, does anybody have any ideas on how to fix the padding problem when using display:inline-block;

Sorry, I can't figure out how to reduce the extra space when inline-block and border are on the same element. But you can keep the original appearance by moving the border to the inner element:

CURRENT (left border splits from content):

<span style="white-space: nowrap; word-break: keep-all; border: 2px solid lime; border-radius: 7px; background-color: yellow; color: black; padding: 0 3px;"><b><a href="/wiki/Mainz" class="mw-redirect" title="Mainz"> <span style="white-space: nowrap; word-break: keep-all; color: blue;">Mainz</span></a></b></span>

NEW (left border stays with content):


<span class="citybox"><b><a href="/wiki/Mainz" class="mw-redirect" title="Mainz"> <span style="white-space: nowrap; word-break: keep-all; color: blue;">Mainz</span></a></b></span>


.citybox {white-space: nowrap; word-break: keep-all; display: inline-block;} .citybox > b > a {border: 2px solid lime; border-radius: 7px; background-color: yellow; color: black; padding: 0 3px;}

That could be done inline, too, if the site doesn't allow defining new classes.

Red borders or other alternate colors could be applied directly to the inner element to override the lime.

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Thanks jscher2000.

It has been 8 days since I passed on your info to this thread, and heard nothing back:

This is way beyond my skill level. Wiki template programming can be complex. And I only understand some basic inline CSS.

Hopefully, some Firefox developers fix the problem before the next Global Marijuana March. I hope someone passes this on to Firefox bugzilla. My attempts at Bugzilla/Phabricator reports for Wikimedia stuff can be difficult. I don't have the time to do it right in many cases. Another arcane endeavor among many.

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