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Firefox 57.0 is rubbish, doesn't work, has limited support and forces update of 56.0 regardless of settings.

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Why is it that no matter what settings I use in Firefox version 57.0 is automatically updated. I don't want 57.0 because I use RoboForm, am happy with the performance, and don't want to have to press god knows how many more buttons just because Firefox wants to follow others rather than lead. As you are attempting to look and behave the same as the others, then what is the point in staying with Firefox? I am sick of having to uninstall 57.0 and reinstall 56.0 just because Firefox ignores and apparently overwrites my settings, and decides to ram this downgrade down my throat. I decide what goes on my PC not you! I also decide what add-ins I want to install, only now, as this new format has been rolled out before anyone has a chance to catch up , it will take months for the add-in developers to come up with alternatives, if at all. In the meantime I am stuck with Firefox no longer doing what I want, when I want. Your actions have provided me with proof that you consider yourselves above your customers, which is a diabolical attitude to adopt. As you are going for a copy of other software, I have decided not to stick with your high self regard and ignorance of your customer's needs and go elsewhere, after all you all look and behave the same apparently, so the only marker for me is trust, which apparently you don't require. On behalf of other search engine providers, I thank you for increasing their customer numbers.

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Check these settings;

Type about:preferences#advanced<enter> in the address bar. Under Advanced, Select Update.

[v56+] Type about:preferences#general<enter> in the address bar. Select Update.

Select Never Check For Updates.

Also turn off Use a background service to install updates <Windows Only>

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Been there, done it, got the teeshirt. As I have stated, three times I have had to re-install 56.0 from scratch (it also did this prior to 56.0, but that's another issue) and three times it has automatically updated no matter what settings are applied. Firefox ignores them and updates. It is quite simple to write a piece of code to cancel the settings and force an upgrade (their view) which appears is what Mozilla are doing. or else why does the 'never check for updates' setting not work alone? Surely that should be enough without having to delve into advanced settings as well because this setting does nothing!

Also, I don't understand why (after a paid for update) Robofom can display a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, but not at the top as before!

Note: I have had to revert back to IE to get Roboform to work without having to fork out money (are Mozilla taking a bung?), so sticking with this for now.

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Unfortunately 56.0.2 and below is no longer safe to use for every day use do to security issues : 52.5.3 ESR. It will continue to get security updates until May 2018, and you can download and install it from this page: * Note : Legacy Extensions will be deleted or removed in any version update after May 2018.

You should make a backup of your Profile before going back and just because:

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Pkshadow is spouting corporate codswallop! We get this from Microsoft because they believe we will be duped into forking out again for software we have already paid for that does exactly what we want it to. I would have expected Mozilla to issue an alert to all users who continue to use previous versions on the basis that the software is so at risk it should not be used. This warning should be provided before they decide to overwrite our own decisions rather than ignoring them and going ahead anyway. Thanks for pointing this out to your many users who, for various reasons, do not buy in to the 'we know what's best for our customers' diatribe. I do not update any software unless it no longer does what I want it to. Why? Because I got sick and tired of having to spend time and effort trying to work out how to do things that changed for no apparent reason eg 57.0. That is my decision to make and mine only, other companies recognise and accept this, but not apparently Mozilla who force it upon you anyway.

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They keep improving things, and making it faster, which is great. The price is that some things will no longer work.

I've found that there's usually an equivalent way of doing something, out there, that will work, so you have to take a look around. Usually it's not anything major.

Try googling: Alternative to Roboform

That's the best you can do. You can't stop progress.

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Would FredMcD like to comment as to why Firefox has updated again!!! Not only have I used these settings, but in addition I have made additional settings in about:config, and yet Firefox STILL ignores my requirement and updates regardless and without any warning. Also, when updating it discards all my previous settings options and resets everything back to start. I have to assume there is an obvious bug/backdoor that allows Firefox, and hence anyone else to, update my installation without prior notice or warning. Forcing a supposed security update when no update is selected is a major security breach in itself rendering Firefox an application that should not be installed until the obvious flaws are rectified!

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Would you please take a look at the solution here :

Any good  ?

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Don't get angry about it, just find work-arounds. Nothing will be perfect. You have to find the strengths of various browsers, and accept things they cannot do.

Use another browser to do RoboForm.

I keep all my pws in Excel. Use Libre Office or Open Office for a free, alternative version of that.

If you use RoboForm on a phone, I'm not sure what to do there.

How many other things are there that you can't do with FF57?

. . . Also, when updating it discards all my previous settings options and resets everything back to start

Mine doesn't do this. Which settings are they?

I just use the browser to browse and collect bookmarks. I use the Add-on Zoom Page WE a fair amount. I export the bookmarks to CSV with SQLite3, and categorize them with Excel. FF57 is fast. I just use it to browse, so frequent updates are not a big deal to me.

Modified by sludge7051-x

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Happy112 Already in place. Doesn't stop updates though. As I have already noted, Mozilla have found a way of overwriting/ignoring this setting and forcing an upgrade regardless of user wishes.

Sludge7051-x It is difficult when the workarounds (needed because the user settings clearly don't work) also don't work! I have gone back to IE where Roboform works a treat, and upgrade settings are not hacked by Microsoft. It is rather ironic, that I had no choice but to to go back to using IE as Roboform stores my Mozilla forum password! Mozilla has 57.0 blocked every one of my websites access when removing Roboform support.

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AnnieBody said

Happy112 Already in place. Doesn't stop updates though. As I have already noted, Mozilla have found a way of overwriting/ignoring this setting and forcing an upgrade regardless of user wishes.

Did you scroll all the way down  ? For there are numerous suggestions mentioned in that thread - what doesn't work for one, works like a charm for the other.

And in that thread you will also see (quite a few times even ) :

"You should not follow any answer that advises you to disable automatic updates: that's bad advice that can open your computer up to being infected with malware. "

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Maybe try Tor or Cocoon:

Tor Browser . . .

Cocoon Browser . . .

I don't think Edge, seemed like it was still Beta to me.

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AnnieBody said

Would FredMcD like to comment as to why Firefox has updated again!!!

Hi there. Sorry, been out all day.

What version of Firefox is doing the updating? I am using v54 and no problem.

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Have tried unsuccessfully to 'lock' versions 45.0.1, 50.1.0, and 56.0 (at least three times, having to reinstall from scratch each time, as this is the last version Roboform works with) and now 57.0 which also updates, and as before, resets my preferred options of settings, customised toolbars etc.

I don't need anything apart from IE. At least this is still working!

Happy112 is still missing the point! Unchecking auto update should do just that, no more updates for ever! My choice, my decision, not Mozilla's.