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How can I downgrade to Firefox 56?

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I dislike v 57 and would like to revert back to v 56.

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Hello, get it here:

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Mkll, Thanks for responding. It didn't work. Here's what I did: 1. Uninstalled v 57 2. Installed v 56.02. 3. Went into settings and turned off automatic updates. 4. Closed browser. 5. Restarted Firefox and it automatically updated to v 57 Thoughts?

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First, Type about:preferences#advanced<enter> in the address bar. Under Advanced, Select Update.

v57+; Type about:preferences#general<enter> in the address bar. Select Update.

Check the settings.

Also turn off Use a background service to install updates

Install Older Version Of Firefox {web link} Be sure to read everything here.

If you still want to downgrade, look under; I still want to downgrade. Click the Directory of other versions and languages link. Look for the directory of the version that you want. But, remember that old versions may have security issues.

You should also check out Firefox; Extended Support Release {web link} ESR Notes System Requirements

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Just like to say that we have this problem also. Upgrade to FF 57 caused problems. Without noscript, when running FF 57, the windows 7 PC is pretty much unusable.

Will try the link to revert to 56 - hope can figure out how to stop automatic upgrade. Otherwise, would prefer to stay with FF, avoid IE and Chrome, but will search for another browser if can't get back to 56 and noscript.

On XP PC, still fine, but last FF version seems to be 52.5 (thankfully)

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Please Where do I find Firefox 56.0.2 Finnish language version?

This 57.0 is quick but unfortunatelly this version did destroy my most importat add-on Gomita's ScrapBook

So all my important files are in that ScrapBook and I truly need to get it back!

Thank You so much for all possible help!

Ps. Please does any one know whether there will be ScrapBook update for FireFox 57.0?

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Oh my god, thank you! I have no idea why did they decide to completely screw the design of their best product. Half of my addons are dead on arrival, nothing is in the same place, nothing works. Work of complete cretins. Thanks for making me able to use the Internet again.

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I have a copy of Firefox 56. After all the crashes and recommended fixes on 57 crashing..... Firefox assumed it was resolved. It is not. Worked temporarily, and still crashed, prevented shockwave from running.

I don't want to work this hard to simply use my PC. I am not using 56, with NEVER UPGRADE checked in the settings. 56 is stable an works. No intent to try 57 again. I'll go to Chrome or IE instead.

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I want to downgrade to 56 or to ESR (for tab groups). Do I have to uninstall 57 first? I am afraid of losing my tabs (some are important to me). Yes I could use book marks and I would bookmark them all if there were a bookmark all tabs feature.

Anyway I tried to install 56 and the installer only gives me the the option to upgrade. As I asked above does this mean I have to uninstall 57 first?

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Hi bruce.a.williamson, please back up your profile folder to a neutral location (some folder completely unrelated to Firefox such as Documents) before making any changes:

Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles

The "full" installer (large download) will detect an existing Firefox installation and offer to upgrade it. However, it uses the word upgrade whether you are installing a higher or lower version number, so that doesn't necessarily mean there will be a problem.

Part of your backup will be the sessionstore-backups folder, which will contain snapshots of your session history, that is, open and recently closed windows an tabs.

If you are not able to restore tab groups after the downgrade, you could try extracting a clickable list of URLs out of a recent session history file using this tool on my website:

The files you could try are:

  • recovery.jsonlz4: the windows and tabs in your currently live Firefox session (or, if Firefox crashed at the last shutdown and is still closed, your last session)
  • recovery.baklz4: a backup copy of recovery.jsonlz4
  • previous.jsonlz4: the windows and tabs in your last Firefox session
  • upgrade.jsonlz4-build_id: the windows and tabs in the Firefox session that was live at the time of your last update <= might be the most recent
  • various .js files from Firefox 55 or earlier

Note: The Scrounger's URL extraction does not distinguish visible from hidden tabs. They should all be listed as Open Tabs.

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@jscher2000 It worked fine. back to FF56. When the api is fixed to make tab groups work again is when I'll upgrade.

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This is so aggravating. I already went through a downgrade to Firefox 56 and reset my browser - on all my devices - so that it does NOT "automatically upgrade" to the newest version.

One one laptop however, I realize that in loading new Windows 7 updates, it must have automatically updated Firefox ANYWAY

Then, by using that laptop (not worrying too much about the fact that it installed 57 without my ok), I now find that it has cleared out the bookmarks I had on my main computer - some 'uddate' must have happened from the laptop, and now I have (temporarily) lost all of my bookmarks.

Has Firefox been taken over by Microsoft??

This is not behavior I have associated in the past with Firefox products....

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Hi gfwtgfwt, I don't understand why the bookmarks changed, but can you try restoring a backup? See: Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer.