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Using a search, how do I find which folder my bookmark is in? The extension Go Parent Folder doesn't exist anymore

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Using a search, how do I find which folder my bookmark is in? The extension Go Parent Folder doesn't exist anymore

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places.sqlite stores your History and Bookmarks.

Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? Error messages?

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You can use this method to locate a bookmark:

  1. open the bookmark in a tab with a left-click or a middle-click
  2. click the blue star on the Navigation toolbar to open the "Edit This Bookmark" window
  3. click the Down arrow at the far right of the Folder field to open the folder tree
  4. use the scroll bar or the mouse scroll wheel until you see the folder where this bookmark is stored (do not click in the tree area)
  5. click the Remove button to remove that bookmark

You can do this in Offline mode (File > Work Offline) to prevent opening this link.

You can jump to a folder name in the left pane in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) and jump to visible items in the bookmarks sidebar (you can't find items in collapsed folders). You can do that by quickly pressing the first characters of the folder/bookmark name. If you type too slow then a new search is initiated. The treechildren area needs to have focus, so if necessary then, in the sidebar, click at the far left of the position where you want to start searching. For folders best is to do this in the left pane in the Library to avoid finding bookmarks as can happen in the sidebar. This works with all treechildren type of lists, but unfortunately you can not find hidden (collapsed) content.

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Firefox needs to incorporate a version of the highly useful (but no longer extant) Add-on 'Go Parent Folder' into its routine operations.

The tiresome and time-consuming workaround suggested above usually doesn't work:

   open the bookmark in a tab with a left-click or a middle-click- this works
   click the blue star on the Navigation toolbar to open the "Edit This Bookmark" window - there is no blue star in my Naviation toolbar, or yellow star either.
   click the Down arrow at the far right of the Folder field to open the folder tree - you have lost me.  Why not upload an image, so we can see what you mean?

What sometimes works (but more often doesn't) is this:

1. Open the bookmarked url 2. Go to bookmarks | Edit this Bookmark 3. See location under folder

But in fact this method normally doesn't work. When you open the page, you just get the invitation to 'Bookmark this page'. No indication of where it currently is bookmarked

The whole process is frustration and time-wasting. If one has a large set of bookmarks, it is very irritating not to be able to find what folder bookmarks are in

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What youwrite above seem to be cases where a redirect occurs and if you open the link in a tab then you end up with another URL that isn't bookmarked. If you see "Edit this Bookmark" then the star should be highlighted as well. If you see "Bookmark This Page" then you have been redirected to a page that isn't bookmarked.

That is why I wrote above: You can do this in Offline mode (File -> Work Offline) to prevent opening this link. Because that should prevent such a redirect. If this still happens then clear the cache.

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This is a deal breaker for me. I relied on Firefox to organize Bookmarks. With the plug-ins show parent folder and go to parent folder it was just one right click to find the folder.

When filing away bookmarks I could do this 40 or 50 times an hour. With vertical tabs I could do it 80 or 100 times an hour.

Now I can't.

Could someone please replace these 2 essential bookmark extensions?

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You should ask about add-ons here;

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Hi, I've noticed there are a few new bookmark extensions but with the current APIs, they need to build a whole bookmark viewer from scratch rather than being able to modify the built-in dialog. And as a result the couple I tested were pretty slow. Hopefully that situation will get better in the coming months.

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HI Fred,

Yes. I have looked there.

In c/addons, I see 4 or 5 separate entries where people have written in specifically because the Parent Folder capabilities no longer work. And that is of course because the addons have been disabled by FIrefox now.

Of course, I'm interested in solving the main problem here whether by addon or by reenabling the existing addons or by some solution within Firefox.

Am I 'm missing something though? Is there a specific thread in c/addon section I could look at? One where a developer has explained either how to fix or reimplement the Parent Folder addons or how they could be added to Firefox?

As most people in this current discussion are aware, the Parent Folder addons that currently exist were completely disabled now by the latest Firefox. What I'm interested in is a fix to the problem in general.

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The only thing you can do as far as the add-ons; 1) Revert to an old Firefox 2) Get the writer of the add-on to update the program 3) Find a replacement 4) Forget about it  :-/

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@ FredMcD

If I revert to an older version of Firefox will my current bookmarks be lost or get messed up?

I have literally thousands of bookmarks and thus hundreds of folders. If I can't get Go To Parent Folder or something similar installed I'm outta here and obviously I'll no longer be a financial contributor to Firefox/Mozilla.

Modified by EezaMEza

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Hi EezaMEza, there is a folder in your Firefox profile called bookmarkbackups that you probably should make a safe copy of somewhere. You also can make an extra safety backup right now using the steps in this article: Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer (save to a location that Firefox doesn't monitor, like your Documents folder).

Then even if stuff happens, you will be prepared.

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This is cartoonish incompetence by the Mozilla organization.

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blueduck said

This is cartoonish incompetence by the Mozilla organization.

I was hoping to see a cartoon along with this comment.

You can submit new feature requests here:

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The 'solution' of opening the bookmark and clicking on the star doesn't work when the server redirects the bookmarked URL to another URL, e.g. to

This is a serious problem when one has hundreds of bookmarks and folders and needs to locate the folder in which a specific bookmark is.

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In the three months since this thread was started, some new extensions have appeared. While they cannot modify the Library window, they can build their own independent interface to search bookmarks.

My search turned up one that looks like it has a good idea but the reviews are poor: Bookmarks Manager and Viewer

Hopefully the picture will improve.

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This is so insanely irritating. I have used Firefox since it's inception and have thousands of bookmarks collected over years that are organized in a folder hierarchy. What on earth is the point of having a folder hierarchy if you can not find where a bookmark sits within this hierarchy????? I may have a page called "Dave's amazing batteries" that I can remember. I know that this bookmark, which I can find, is in a folder with lots of other bookmarks about electric vehicles but I cannot find them because I cannot find the folder that "Dave's amazing batteries" is contained in. The inability of Firefox to perform such a basic search and show me where the bookmark is located in makes the product look like such an amateur. Why have folders if they cannot be properly used. Why not tell users to just throw everything into one giant folder? We have drawers in life because the one big box in the garage mentality works fine if you only ever hang a painting on the wall every now and again, but if you use your garage for many projects you need labeled drawers and tool hangers so that you can easily find stuff. Now that the rather half assed add ons that did enable me to work this way no longer work, I see little reason to stay with Firefox.

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Hi frostyfriday, it's only Wednesday and you're so frosty already!

To summarize this thread:

(A) There is no built-in way to view the containing folder from Firefox bookmark search results. It has been this way for as long as anyone can remember.

(B) When you load a bookmarked page, the "star" icon the address bar should turn blue. You can click the star to view the containing folder. There are two problems with this:

(i) You may not wish to load the page right now. (ii) If the original address now redirects, then this doesn't work (blocking redirects is annoying).

(C) There is at least one new extension to show bookmark search results in a folder hierarchy view.

Bookmarks Manager and Viewer - screenshot attached below

However, among its many tools I see no quick way to change the folder (dragging in a small pane is not convenient). So that could be improved.

(D) Here in support we work with the Firefox we have today and the add-ons we know about. To suggest feature changes for future versions of Firefox, you can use one of the following channels (depending on whether you want a suggestion box or a discussion):

I, too, hope this is added to a future version of Firefox.

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Note that you can switch to work offline mode (File menu) to prevent opening the link in a tab. This would also prevent issues when to link would redirect. There would still be problems if there are multiple copies of the bookmark. I don't know how extensions would work properly with multiple copies.

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Thanks jscher2000 - I am always frosty!  :)

I didn't spot the clicking the blue star, but it is still a bit half assed. After all these years I am just going to transfer everything to Chrome, something I am not excited about because I like the whole premise of Firefox, but this is just a deal breaker for me. I am sick an tired of battling to find something I know I have links to. Until today I didn't realise how easy this is to do in Chrome.

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frostyfriday said

I am sick an tired of battling to find something I know I have links to.

I promptly forget where I file things and am totally reliant on address bar suggestions to find bookmarked pages and pages from history. (I don't like how limited Google's address bar is in this regard; it's hard to even explain to Chrome users what I'm talking about when I say type 3 characters, arrow down, Enter.)

But enough about me. Hopefully you'll find a browser that works the way you like.