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Ccleaner has to force Firefox to close. Firefox is keeping cookies and other data stored.

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"You should not be trying to use CCleaner to control close or clean up Firefox. Firefox has its own options for clearing History, cache and keeping its database updated and backed up."

I copied this from another discussion of this issue. This applies if you don't mind having persistent data logs, cookies etc. That don't clear even after a restart. I've used Mozilla browser a long time. Since the late 90s. This has just started in the last week. I've reinstalled Ccleaner, Firefox.. Cleared my DNS cache and still it happens. Every time I close firefox and run ccleaner it has to force firefox to close. I have verified the persistent data after restart then after a brief browsing session. (Opening and closing the browser) and doing a restart of my PC cookies and site preferences are still stored. I am looking for truth and why this is happening. I've noticed a lot of new traffic since microsoft removed privacy. Since, as far as I know, Mozilla is not part of microsoft so why this recently started after all this time is baffling me.

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First, have you allowed time (20-39 seconds) for the browser to fully close?

Second, it is not recommended that you use 3d party programs to clean Firefox. The browser can be set to do this at closing.

Type about:preferences#privacy<enter> in the address bar. The button next to History, select Use Custom Settings.

At the bottom of the page, turn on Clear History When Firefox Closes. At the far right, press the Settings button.

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I have allowed time, from minutes to hours before running the cleaner. Always the same thing. It will not delete the internet history without forcing firefox to close. As for not using 3rd party programs.. When I feel I can clear all cache as soon as I exit the browser I will stop using ccleaner. As of now even restarting the PC DOES NOT CLEAR the cache. This is not what I prefer from my browser. This is known as persistent data that follows everything I do and I don't approve. I like Mozilla. As I said I have used firefox. waterfox, and I think one called dolphin. I have been to college for PC repair. So I have a little knowledge. I have done all those things you listed and still it persists. Is this something I can stop or not. It is mozillas' policy to use persistent cookies?

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I see in my running processes list I have three instances of firefox running any time I am using firefox. The things you have suggested change nothing. I have deleted everything and reinstalled and still this continues. So I need to know. Is mozilla tracking me, even offline? Is mozilla maintaining persistent data and cookies on my PC? Is this why it's being suggested to let mozilla handle it. This would explain it, if this is the case. I think I should reread your privacy policy. My next post I will include screenshots if you like.

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More than one process is normal for the current Firefox.

Multi-process Firefox is codenamed "e10s".

Try to disable multi-process tabs in Firefox. You can disable multi-process tabs in Firefox by setting the related prefs to false on the about:config page.

browser.tabs.remote.autostart = false browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2 = false

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This suggestion cured the issue of why I have to force firefox to close. After rereading the privacy policy I couldn't find anything that stated whether or not firefox maintains persistent cookies and other data collection. I am learning all I can about linux. You see I was born in the 60s. A time when there was a lot of fear of communists, big government and privacy was always a big thing for me. I have used many browsers over the years. What has bothered me is the fact that every time I have added to this, every time I have asked if mozilla is using persistent data and cookies. And every time it has been ignored. And this multi process using internet browsing? Why does it take multiple processes to view my emails? I could go to some lengths to hide my browsing. I would prefer honesty at the very least.

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Cookie and cache are where websites store information on your computer. Normally this information includes things like logins (user and password) data while you are logged into the site, site options and settings, and so on.

When you log out, then the login data is removed. But the other data like options remain. Note: For a high-security site that has your information (banks, online stores and such) you should always log out when you are done. Low-security sites, such as forums like this, you don't need to because the site would not use your personal information.

Firefox can be set up to remove this information when the browser closes.

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Many regulars here and at say Ccleaner can cause problems and has no need to touch any Firefox settings.

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James, what problems can ccleaner cause? If it does nothing more than clear caches, cookies, and unneeded registry entries? When I don't use it I get huge caches. They take time and resources for my PC to dig through. They maintain memory blocks all the time. I see no point. So far I have heard only I shouldn't use ccleaner, but never why. It doesn't matter anyway. Microsoft revoked privacy. They have begun locking their browser cookies and caches folders so they can't be deleted or even looked at without some real work. So it stands to reason all others will follow suit. After all our personal information is a gold mine. It is theft. What is the definition of theft? "Theft A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent." Compiling personal information, with the intent of selling, trading, or disclosing without my consent is not acceptable to me. I want to thank you all. For helping me. I will begin looking for another browser.

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You can use "Clear history when Firefox closes" to clear specific personal data like the disk cache or you can let cookies expire when you close Firefox. That is much safer because Firefox knows how to clear your personal data safely. An external application needs to guess from the Firefox source code how it works and may cause issues if this isn't done properly and when the Firefox devs make changes to file formats and directory structures. It is easy to corrupt files and folders.