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Theme and Font Size Changer plug-in forcing unwanted popups

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Hello, I've been using the Theme and Font Size Changer plug-in for some time. However, lately (and it's getting more and more frequent) their website pops up in my browser and redirects me to it, without my permission. It interrupts my work, and it's been happening at least once a week lately. This is the page that pops up:

Note that when I say "popup" it's not what you think of as a traditional popup. It can't be blocked by a popup blocker. It's opening their webpage in my browser, in a new tab, and switching me from the tab I'm working to, to that tab. I don't know how they do it, but it's inappropriate, intolerable, and unacceptable!!

You will notice that there is a place to post messages, on that page. I've tried to post a message there, and ask them to stop hijacking me. But in order to post the message, I have to allow a cross-site scripting request, and my NoScript plugin blocks it. Both of these practices are inappropriate for a Firefox plugin!!

So I have no way of getting this message to them directly. Will someone please let me know how I can contact them, to ask for these interruptions to stop?

And note, that if these interruptions don't stop, I will be uninstalling their plugin!!

Thank you very much  :-)

Chosen solution

Did you try the email address? "baris (at) barisderin . com"

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Maybe I'll post a new reply, every time this happens. I don't know any other way to get their attention. I've even googled the creator of this plugin (Baris Derin) but can't find any way to contact. (I don't have facebook or twitter account. Or google account.)

Happened again just now!

Thanks for listening  :-)

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Happened again!

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Well, either your add-on appears to be updating a lot, or it's a glitch. You can disable the add-on if it keeps happening.

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Well, now that presents another problem!

I uninstalled it, but now all my browser pages appear to be zoomed by about 20%.

How can I set it back, without reinstalling that plugin?

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Even the toolbar is pixelated!

I can use my zoom plugin to fix the pages. But it doesn't affect the toolbar.

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screenshot attached

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The extension has been updating frequently, with 5 releases since November 12th:

Hopefully it will calm down a bit in the future.

As for alternatives, I'm not sure of any others that focus on the menu/toolbar area. You might just have to get handy with Ctrl+w to close that tab the instant you see it.

Or if that page totally annoys you, there are other add-ons that can block specific URLs from being loaded. ;-)

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One other thought: you can try deferring automatic updates for that extension. Firefox won't notify you directly that an update is available, like it does with new versions of Firefox, but a new Updates section should appear at the bottom of the left column on the Add-ons page (Ctrl+Shift+a).

To try out that change: find the extension on the Add-ons page and click the More link. You should get a new page with 3 radio buttons for automatic updating: Default, On, Off. Try "Off" and then it should not update until you are ready for it to update.

Note: I haven't actually tested this with a "restartless" extension before.

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Well, I can tell you it's happened much more often than 5 times since Nov 12th! Here are 3 times since Dec 12th! And it usually happens weekly!

Thank you, I'll try turning off automatic updates. But it doesn't look like only updates are triggering it.

While I really appreciate you comments, and attempts to help, what I really, really need is a way to contact Baris Derin.

But I will definitely look into blocking domains with other plugins. Couldn't I actually do that with the Hosts file?? That may be the best idea yet!!

Anyway, I probably can't mark this solved yet. But I really appreciate your help, very much!

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His contact page:

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Yes, as I stated in the op, I know about that and I've tried to use it. But I have to allow what looks like a cross-site scripting request. My security keeps blocking it. Honestly I could override it, but not sure that I should.

(The page that keeps popping up also has a contact form, but it has the same security issue. Why does that site want to go through MY IP address, to post the message?)

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Chosen Solution

Did you try the email address? "baris (at) barisderin . com"

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Aahh, there it is! Thank you SO much!!!