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Address To box now shows addresses in red and CC replaces To address!??

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11 Aug. 2014, I used TB as usual, but the auto-complete of address displays in red. The addresses are all in my Mac OSX (10.9.4) Contacts book and I checked against received emails. All correct, so why has it started showing up in red? Today, worse still, when trying to send a CC message in the next box (didn't it usually display CC automatically, now I have to toggle a tab – why?) the CC address also shows in red but then promptly REPLACES the To address!!! This is quite maddening. I can now only send one message at a time – ridiculous. I have checked all settings, nothing amiss. I do have Theme Font Size changer working on TB and FF, so tried disabling that to see if it was causing a problem. No it doesn't. So any ideas what is going on please?

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I have also noted the 'red' email address issue.

When you type in eg: Ba Try this: use the option from the Drop down selection and not the option shown in the actual TO field even if it is the one you want.

re: the CC address also shows in red but then promptly REPLACES the To address!! I thought I had this happen to me, then I discovered that the TO field was still there, but hidden. I had to scroll up to see it or lower the header to reveal more.

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Thanks for reply to my very odd query. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but took another look. Yes, the drop down shows CC, Bcc etc but not another TO and I tried using CC for example but I still get red. This seems like a duff upgrade making a good product bad. There are other little changes too which makes me think "why?" It worked fine before as they were, does reinventing the wheel always make things better? I don't really want to return to Apple Mail because of the problems I had with that app., though I did appreciate the easy direct connection with iPhoto which TB regrettably does not.

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When you start to type in the TO field, one option is shown in the area you are typing - this is the TO field, but all email address options are shown in a drop down box. Choose from the drop down instead of the one already in the TO field. If it still turns red, it will send ok, but if you use the backspace key to remove the email address section so only Display Name is shown and then reselect the email address it turns black. This issue is a bug. I have reported the bug, but it would help if you also voted for the bug. It may help to get the developers to see it as a problem that is effecting alot of people and get a fix.

RE: CC You have always had to choose a CC or Bcc option from the TO drop down list, unless you used an Addon like this one:

If you have entered an email address, but it seems to disappear when you want to add another, it has not gone, but has scrolled up out of view. This occurs if there is insufficient space and a scroll bar appears on the right side or you can move the content area down to reveal more space to see the headers. Hover the mouse pointer over the dividing line and you will see a double headed arrow, left click and hold down to grab this line and drag downwards.

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Thanks Toad-Hall for info. Sorry nothing works, particularly writing in the second address box. ie., If an address is put in the TO box (despite it being still red) and then do a CC in the next box, that address totally REPLACES the TO address. Which is very annoying. I always have the TO/CC and even BCC address boxes showing followed by SUBJECT. This is why I now have to send a single email and have to repeat the process to send it to someone else. I will mark it as a bug again. I'm sure I did it the first time around. Not another bug I hope!

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Hi again, I just tried to vote for bug and then was told to login (which I thought I already was) OK, I thought, entered email address and requested password to be told it was invalid. OK, tried again, same message. Rechecked all details, and they are correct, but still tells me I am invalid. I give up.

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re: If an address is put in the TO box (despite it being still red) and then do a CC in the next box, that address totally REPLACES the TO address.

I have seen cases where the TO field looks like it has gone - been replaced, but it hasn't.

Extend the header downwards until you see eg; 6 lines or more of TO fields, does the first TO email address reappear?

check your default setting: Tools > Options > advanced > General tab click on 'config editor' button it will tell you to be careful in the top search type: addresswidget look for this line: mail.compose.addresswidget.numRowsShownDefault; Value = 3 double click on that line to get an edit box Increase the default to 4 and click on OK Close the window - top right X click on OK to close Options.

In a new Write message Enter eg: 2 TO email addresses do you see 2 TO email addresses?

In a new Write message Enter one TO and one CC email address

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Just realised you have a mac. menu differences: Thunderbird → Preferences -> Advanced > General tab