When to respond to a controversial tweet as a Firefox Advocate

The way to identify a controversial topic vs someone seeking help: Read their tone

  • Don’t be creepy, if they did not ask for help, do not offer it.
  • Make sure there is a “?” or be very careful how you insert yourself into the conversation if you are responding from the brand account

When responding these are to check:

  • Don’t talk them into a black hole, if you don’t solve it in 2 back and forths, point them to the forums
  • Bulleted list itemOnly use the brand account if someone is explicitly asking for help

Decision Tree for the indecisive: This below is a chart for deciding whether or not to respond to a controversial issue. Engage in Controversial Topic?

Speaking of being impactful, be mindful, before responding do the following:

  1. If you have a user with alot of followers
  2. Look at their twitter page before you reply
  3. Decide if you want to take action based on the risk of the issue (See the decision tree above)
  4. What is the social identity of the person you are about to reply to?
  5. Are they a developer, are they a conspiracy theorist, are they a google employee - these are opportunities to connect them with other parts/departments of Mozilla

If these steps provoke any questions, please consult another Social Support Program participant in this forum

Now, if you are feeling like playing it safe, some of the top issues that we can be impactful are listed in the common responses document: Common Social Support Replies

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