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Below are the common responses used in the Army of Awesome. Please follow the structure (H1 for new categories and H2 for new tweets with the tweet text below). The tweet text shouldn't exceed 125 characters. It needs to fit in 140 characters after adding the @username and #fxhelp hash tag.


We're a non-profit organization

Hey, I'm a Mozilla volunteer. Did you know there are 1000s of us worldwide? More here:

Welcome to our community

Thanx for joining Moz! You're now part of our global community. We're here if you need help:

Changing default search engine

You can pick Google, Yahoo or any other search engine as the default in Firefox - see:

Firefox overview - getting started

Get started with Firefox

Getting started w/ Firefox? Here are some tips & tricks for getting the most out of it:

Learn about the Firefox 57 preferences

New Firefox is fast & customizable! Learn more here:

Common Quantum Questions

Change or customize Firefox

Customize the toolbar and menu

The new Firefox lets you customize your toolbars and controls. Learn how to make Firefox all yours:

Disable suggested tiles

Mozilla is committed to putting users in control. Find out how disable suggested tiles:

Activity Stream and the New tab page

Customize the New tab page, aka Activity Stream

I was on Beta and now want to be on Release

If you were on Beta and want to change to the Release channel use the installer to replace the current version of Firefox.

Browsing with Firefox


Save and manage your favorite sites easily on Firefox. Here's how:

Firefox Sync

Sign up for Firefox Sync

Tried the new Firefox Sync? It saves open tabs, passwords, bookmarks, & history on all your computers. Try it:

Firefox problems

Upgrade Firefox

Hey, maybe you need to upgrade Firefox? New version is speedier with a lot more going on:

Firefox doesn't behave

Sorry your Firefox doesn't behave. Check out the tips here:

Firefox is slow

You can make your Firefox fast again. Try out these steps:

Fix crashes

Sorry your Firefox is crashing :( Here are quick fixes to prevent this from happening again:

High RAM usage

Firefox sometimes uses more memory than it should. Try one of these easy fixes:

High CPU usage

Firefox may sometimes use more CPU resources than required. Try one of these easy fixes:

Slow Firefox startup

Firefox needs a refresh. Here are tips to make Firefox load faster:

Refresh Firefox

The Refresh Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to default:

Flash plugin crashing

Sorry to hear Flash is crashing :( See this for help:

Moving to another browser

Sad to see you go :( Was there a particular issue? The support team can help:

My addon is not working

I’m switching to Chrome if my add-ons are turned off in 57.

What add-ons do you use? Several are in the process of migrating, and we can check on the status of yours.

Is there a list of add-ons that will make the transition to WebExtension APIs?

We are tracking them here: If you don’t see what you were looking for, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Is there a list of add-ons that are WebExtensions?

Yes! You can search for compatible extensions here:

Lost bookmarks

Can't find your important bookmarks? Here's how you can get them back:



Thanks for the feedback. You are helping make Firefox better. Please also let us know here:


Maybe ask SUMO about this issue? Firefox's community support team. They'll know what's up:

Get Involved

Become a beta tester

Become a beta tester! Help develop the next Firefox. You don't have to be a techie to contribute:

Get involved with Mozilla

Want a better web? Join the Mozilla movement. There is something to do for everyone. Get started:

Mozilla Developer Network

Help make the web better! Build web pages, apps & add-ons here: Mozilla Developer Network:

Report a bug

Thanks for finding a bug. Make everyone's Firefox experience better by reporting. It's easy:

Firefox for Android

Get Started

Getting started w/ Firefox on Android? Know some basics to get yourself up and running:

Managing default search engine

Manage your default search engine to use the one you like. Here's how:

Using themes

Add a personal touch to your Firefox by installing themes! Check this out for help:

Make Firefox your default browser

Make links on your Android device to open with Firefox. Here's how:

Help us improve

You can help Mozilla engineers by submitting mobile performance data. Here's how:

Customize with add-ons

You can customize Firefox by installing awesome add-ons! Start here:

Firefox for iOS

Install Firefox

Get your beloved Firefox browser on your iOS device! :D


Sync your favorite bookmarks to access them on your iOS! Start here:

Awesome Screen

The 'Awesome Screen' on your Firefox will take you places! Learn more here:

Change tab list view

Firefox lets you change the size of your tabs on the tab list. Here's how:

Change default language

Have Firefox speak your language. Know more here:

Change default search engine

Pick the search engine of your choice. Here's how to do it:


Firefox account problems

Firefox account giving you a hard time? Try some of these troubleshooting tips:

Sync problems

Experiencing problems with sync? Try some of these troubleshooting options:

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