Technical writing program - How to write Knowledge Base articles

This article is no longer maintained, so its content might be out of date.

First assignment

  1. Please read these articles:
  2. Create your own practice article (example). Document your favorite Firefox feature and include:
    • A short introduction
    • A table of contents
    • One set of step-by-step instructions
    • One screenshot
  3. When you've done that, send Michael a private message.

Additional documentation

These are all linked from Improve the Knowledge Base

  • About the Knowledge Base — is an overview of the mechanics of our Knowledge Base (e.g. prioritization and scheduling).
  • Markup chart — is our wiki markup reference. It gives examples and shows the markup that produces them.
  • How to use {for} — this is the special wiki markup that lets us show instructions for Windows, Mac, or different Firefox versions.
  • Using Templates — templates are reusable pieces of content. You can include a complicated set of step-by-step instructions in multiple articles by using a template.
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