SUMO Community Participation Guidelines

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We, the Mozilla Support (SUMO) community members hereby agree to the following community & communication guidelines and hold them true while participating in SUMO activities:

As a SUMO community member:

  1. I accept and agree to follow the general Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines at all times while acting as part of or on behalf of the community of Mozillians worldwide (online and offline).
  2. I accept and agree to follow the SUMO Forum Rules and Guidelines when using SUMO Forums (for support or contributor communication).
  3. I understand that my words and actions while contributing reflect both Mozilla Support and Mozilla in general.This includes my behaviour on sites outside of Mozilla Support as well as any social account(s) that I use to participate.
  4. I agree that my participation is focused on the benefit of users of Mozilla’s software and websites (including myself and other community members) and no other rewards or forms of payment or recognition.
  5. I agree to communicate with users and other members of the community in a respectful, patient, and understanding manner regardless of their skills or knowledge about Mozilla, without treating them as inferior in any manner.
  6. I agree to assume positive intent of each message I receive on
  7. I promise to report in a timely manner any instances of behaviours or actions that I consider to be breaches of the above guidelines, including as many details as possible (e.g. screenshots if the breach takes place online).
  8. I will remember to take a break now and again to prevent myself from getting too tired and “burnt out” with participating.
  9. I understand that any breaches of these guidelines may lead to a temporary or continuous suspension of community participation and/or membership, for any community member (regardless of their professional relationship with Mozilla).

What should I do if I encounter a problem that is not covered by these guidelines?

Please report anything that is not currently covered in these guidelines to the Staff/Administrators of SUMO. This also applies to situations when you are in doubt whether a certain action should be taken.

Users or fellow contributors that are misbehaving/making bad suggestions should also be reported using the Report Abuse link in their profile page or the problematic post.

If at any point you feel that anything should be reported to someone from Mozilla only and not shared with other Moderators), please contact any of the Staff/Administrators as soon as you can.

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