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If you’ve passed the two weeks incubation period on #fxhelp, you can apply to get access on Conversocial through this form. Conversocial is a 3rd party tool that the SUMO team use to reply to Google Play Store reviews and Twitter conversations. In order to use it, you need to request an account on Conversocial by following the guideline below. Please note that by joining Conversocial, you’re agreeing to their privacy policy.

We may also use your email address to contact you about your participation in the program. As always, our use of your email address will be in accordance with Mozilla's privacy policy.

Once you filled out the form, the SUMO team will then review your request and follow up with the next procedure. You can expect to get a reply in 2 business days.

Criteria to get access to Social Support in Conversocial

  • You have at least 2 weeks of experience contributing to Social Support using #fxhelp
  • Demonstrate a good sense of support skill and respect to users
  • Provide clear instructions and objective responses
  • Showing interest in improving your responses and seek feedback from other team members
  • Show responsibility for how you speak and how you act on social networks, even if it is your personal account
  • You have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Engagement policy in Conversocial

Currently, we have the following accounts connected to the tool:

@Firefox Official Firefox brand account
@FirefoxSupport Official support account for Firefox
@firefox_de Mozilla account for German
@firefox_fr Mozilla account for French
@firefox_es Mozilla account for Spanish

General engagement

  • No Retweet
  • No DM
  • See below for responding
  • See below for likes
  • See below for retweet
  • See below for DM
  • See below for responding
  • See below for likes
@mozilla_de, @mozilla_fr, and @mozilla_es
  • No Retweet
  • No DM
  • See below for responding
  • See below for likes


In general, here’s how people typically mention Firefox on Twitter: Compliment the product (i.e. “Firefox is the best browser!”) App roundups (i.e. “My favorite desktop apps”) Support request (i.e. “I can’t find my bookmarks after updating”) Feature request (i.e. “I hope there will be improvement in the next update”)

In Social Support program, generally, we recommend contributors to only reply to support-related tweets and feedback or feature requests. Here’s a general policy to respond from Conversocial: respond from the account that was mentioned with the exception of support related tweets coming to @firefox (which then you’ll need to answer from @FirefoxSupport). For more detail information, please take a look at the table below:

Tweet mentions @firefox and is a support request Respond from @FirefoxSupport
Tweet mentions @firefox but is feedback or a feature request Respond from @FirefoxSupport
Tweet mentions @FirefoxSupport and is a support request Respond from @FirefoxSupport
Tweet mentions @FirefoxSupport but is feedback or a feature request Respond from @FirefoxSupport
Tweet doesn’t mention @firefox or @FirefoxSupport but is in need of support Respond from @FirefoxSupport
Tweet mentions @mozilla_de, @mozilla_fr, or @mozilla_es and is a support request Respond from @firefox_de, @mozilla_fr, or @mozilla_es depending on which account the user mention
Tweet mentions @mozilla_de, @mozilla_fr, or @mozilla_es but is feedback or a feature request Respond from @firefox_de, @mozilla_fr, or @mozilla_es depending on which one they mention


Conversocial queue Queues are like workspaces on Conversocial. By default, as a contributor you’ll be able to view these queues:

  • Mozilla: The general queue and the most important one. You’ll see conversations from this queue by default.
  • Mozilla - non-EN: Queue for any conversation other than English.
  • Mozilla - Ignore: Queue for anything else that doesn't require answers. You can ignore this queue and focus on the other two.
  • Mozilla - Escalate: Queue for any conversation that needs further investigation.
  • Default: Queue for anything else that don't fit to any of the other queue (this can only be accessed by a Social Support Wrangler)

Filtering and Prioritization

Filtering and prioritization in Conversocial Once you select your queue, you can also do further filtering and prioritization from the left-side panel. You can select based on tag, type, or channel. In our case, it’s strongly recommended to filter based on tag only unless you want to work on a specific account we have on the tool.

PS! : There is a “Containing private message” option if you select the type dropdown. We don’t recommend using it since we don’t usually use the Direct Message (DM) feature.

Play Mode

Play mode in Conversocial In order to see conversations, you need to click on the Play Mode button. Play Mode is like a working mode. Whenever you’re ready to reply, you click that button, and when you’re done, you need to click the stop button.

PS! : It’s important to click the stop button whenever you take a break or if you’re done replying because that will determine our handling time. For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to also sign out whenever you’re done using the tool.

During play mode, there are a few options you can select to customize a conversation you’re currently handling. Conversocial play mode options


You can set a reminder for yourself. This will come in handy when you need to confirm the information you want to send to the user before actually replying.

Assign conversation

You can assign a conversation to yourself or assign a conversation to the Escalate queue (Mozilla - Escalate) if necessary.

Sentiment tone

You can also select the sentiment of the conversation you’re handling to positive, neutral or negative with the 3 buttons provided.


Although we try to automate the tag as much as possible, you could also help by putting the right tag based on the conversation. You can select more than one tag for every conversation. For a full guideline on Conversocial tagging, please see this article: Social Support - Tagging guidelines.


There’s also an option to hold a conversation. This will come in handy if you’re still waiting to hear from the user (Waiting on Customer) or when you need to confirm from somebody else in the community/organization (Waiting Internal).

Closing options

Here’s where it begins to get more interesting in Conversocial. You could also close a conversation based on the background on why you think it can be closed. Here are the options we provided on the tool:

  • (*new)Bug Filed: Use this for a conversation that contains a bug report and bug report has been filed for that.
  • Could Not Resolve: Use this for a conversation that has been going on for a long time but hasn’t been able to resolve.
  • Escalated: Use this for a conversation that has been escalated to “Mozilla - Escalate” queue or forwarded to the other internal account (for example @mozhacks, @FirefoxDevTools, @ServoDev, @torproject). Consider using this for a conversation that has “MDN/WebDev”, “Rust”, “Servo”, “Tor”, or “WASM” tag on it.
  • No Need to Reply: Use this for non-help-related conversations. Consider using this for a conversation that has “No Action Taken”, “Community”, “Controversial, “Fan Love”, “MozFest”, “News/Press Release”, “Social Support/AoA”, or “Staff/Employee” tag on it.
  • Replied by contributor’ personal acc: Use this if a conversation has been handled by other contributors from their personal account.
  • Replied by staff' personal acc: Use this if a conversation has been handled by a staff member from their personal account.
  • Resolved: Use this for a help-related conversation that has been solved.
  • Unrelated: Use this for a conversation that’s not Firefox-related.
  • User didn’t respond: Use this for a conversation that’s stuck on the user. Consider closing the conversation if the user is not replying for at least 3 days after your last reply.

User’s tag

There’s also an option to put a tag/category for a user. We’re currently have 3 tags:

  • Expert: Tag for those users who know a lot about our products.
  • VIP: Tag for people who have a large sum of followers or a verified account. Consider putting this tag if a conversation has an “Internet celebrity” tag on it.
  • Trouble maker: This is a tag for a user who seems to cause more trouble/create noises instead of seeking for help.

Reply field

Reply field in Conversocial

When you click on the reply field, a few other menus will appear:

Internal Note

You can use this feature to communicate information that is visible to the other users on the tool. You can see the button above the text field, next to the Public Tweet indication.

Insert clipping

Clipping is basically saved replies or common responses. You can use these reply templates for recurring issues. Just make sure to add some personal touch to it so it wouldn't feel like coming from a bot.

Insert emoji

You can also add emoji in your reply. Just make sure not to go overboard!

Add attachment

Use this button to add an attachment to your replies like a screenshot or screencast.

Send a private message button

This can be used to insert a "Send a private message" button in your tweet. However, we don’t recommend using this feature in the meantime since we don’t normally use DM.

Reply options

There are a few options you can use once you’ve typed your reply in the field:

  • Reply: Use this if you’re replying to the conversation for the first time.
  • Reply + Hold: Use this if you want to wait for the user to reply back or when you need to confirm some information before you actually reply with the resolution options.
  • Reply + Close: Use this if you want to close the conversation. Clicking this button will prompt the closing options we mentioned before.

Adding signature

You can set a default signature for your account by following these steps:

  • Go to the Account menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on My Signatures menu under the Personal Settings.
  • Click the green Save button.

Responding to a verified account or an account with lots of followers

We’ll be applying an “Internet celebrity” tag for tweets that are coming from verified accounts or accounts with lots of followers. Depending on their tweet content, generally we need to prioritize them with caution. If you’re not sure about how to answer, please escalate to the community managers. If you notice a tweet coming from these types of accounts, consider adding the “Internet celebrity” tag to it.

Responding to a controversial tweet

In general, we recommend our community to refrain from any controversial conversation. If you’re confused, please refer to the following guide: When to respond to a controversial tweet as a Firefox Advocate.


In general we use likes to indicate that we saw and acknowledged the comment. Especially when people compliment our products.

For example: “I cannot like this enough. @firefox You’re a champ!”

We also use likes at the end of a support session.

For example: “Thank you so much for this! I can access my bookmarks again now”

For both cases, we recommend to do the like from the account that was mentioned with no exception.


Usually, we don’t do retweet from our side and leave it to the marketing team, especially from the main brand account (@mozilla and @firefox). But, now that we have @FirefoxSupport, we’d like to change that and set up a process for identifying potential retweet opportunities.

Types of tweets we would consider retweeting:

  • Huge praise about our products
  • Helpful information about product release
  • Tips or trick on using our products

Types of accounts we would retweet from:

  • Accounts with a large following
  • Other organizations or brands that are aligned with our company values
Note: If you see a conversation that could potential be retweeted, please assign it to the Escalation" queue with a note.

Direct Message

Although we have the capability to support private conversation through Direct Message, we advise contributors to refrain from using it before we have further strategy about how we're going to utilize the feature.

Escalation Guidelines

Sometimes, you may find a question that may need more attention and may take more time to answer. This escalation process is exactly made to solve those types of questions.

When to escalate

  • If you notice that there are more than one person asking the same/similar question.
  • If a question getting a lot of attention and there is no solution in the Knowledge Base.
  • If the question is related to a paid product.
  • If you find other circumstances that you think need to be escalated, please PM the CMs.
PS! : To see a complete escalation process on Conversocial, please go to the next section of the guidelines Mobile and Social Support escalation process.

How to stop contributing

If you wish to stop contributing and want to delete your Conversocial account, please email rkelimutu[at]mozilla[dot]com or one of the administrators with the same email address you use in Conversocial.

Complete Social Support guidelines

If you're super interested in supporting Firefox users on social media (mainly, Twitter), please follow along these guidelines that will help explain how we do things:

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