How to add translate feature to Firefox

By default, Firefox does not come with translation features. However, you can easily add such a feature by installing an add-on of your choice. Below we list several widely-used add-ons.

The add-ons below are not Mozilla products. If you need support for any of the add-ons below, please contact their respective authors.

Google Translator for Firefox

The most used translator add-on for Firefox is Google Translator for Firefox by nobzol. It allows to translate full pages as well as selected text only by a single click or a shortcut. The translation will seamlessly replace the original text in the page.

Add Google Translator for Firefox to Firefox


S3.Translator by Oleksandr automatically adds Google Translate into Firefox. It supports translating whole webpages, selected text or entered phrases between 100+ languages. It also offers a feature for helping you to learn new languages.

Add S3.Translator to Firefox

Google™ Translator

This add-on by Andy Portmen is a multi-language translator, which adds a Google Translator button to your browser toolbar, which opens simple translate UI. It also allows to translate whole pages from the context menu.

Add Google™ Translator to Firefox


If none of the add-ons fit your needs, there are many more you can try in the language category on our Firefox Add-ons website. If you are looking for language support other than translators, please check out the following articles.

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