Firefox Translations Add-on

Firefox Translations is an add-on that helps translate websites in Firefox without using the cloud. Additionally, Firefox version 118 introduces a built-in translation feature, allowing you to perform translations locally within your browser, prioritizing your privacy and security. This feature enables you to effortlessly surf the web in your preferred language. For in-depth guidance on utilizing this feature, explore our Firefox built-in fullpage translation guide.

Once the Firefox Translations add-on is in place, the Firefox Translations toolbar becomes visible when you access a web page that's not in your chosen Firefox language. The language that the page is in should be shown (you can change this if required). Click Translate to launch the translation of the page into the language you have Firefox set to. As the page is being translated, there is a counter at the top of the page to advise you how many elements have yet to be translated to give you an idea of progress.

Once the translation has finished, you can select the Translate this tab automatically as you browse button to keep that tab translated, so you can navigate to another page without manually having to translate it.

There are some options to choose from:

  • Options on the toolbar allow you to include the translation of forms and to highlight potential errors in red.
  • From the Options button on the right-hand side of the toolbar, you can select to:
    • Never translate a language
    • Never translate a website
    • Translation preferences – will open the Firefox Settings, where you can set the display language for Firefox and set exceptions for Firefox Translations

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