[Attn Admin] How the community can reach an Admin and when you might want to

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FAQs for how to reach Mozilla Support Staff/Administrators. (See also Meet the Team.)

You can add a new post in one of the contributor forums with Attn:Admin in the title.

Use Cases for Attn:Admin

  1. A user cannot login to their account
  2. A user cannot receive email confirmations / A user can't verify her email account
  3. An escalated thread needs attention from a developer (#escalate)
  4. The site goes down and we need to contact #webops
  5. A user is spamming the forum and needs to be warned and/or banned
  6. A user is reaching the limit on the amount of messages that they can post in a day

Tasks that Admins Can Do

  1. Add an announcement to the forum by locale
  2. A new version of Firefox needs to be added so that the tags for new questions are accurate
  3. Adding a new badge or award to a user's profile
  4. A new group profile needs to be created or changed
  5. AAQ needs to be added for a new locale when you open a new forum
  6. A new moderator or reviewer needs to be added to the group for the right permissions
  7. A tag needs to be removed or added from the existence in the forum
  8. The frequency of the Survey is too high, we can change the % of users that it goes to
  9. Google analytic request
  10. User profile is requested to be removed by a user that no longer wants their name or email in our db.
  11. A new redirect needs to be added
  12. A new kb or forum needs to be opened up or closed
  13. Add a user to the trusted contributors group

Previous examples:

  1. How to un-archive a thread? This cannot be done
  2. Community Members bad mouthing Firefox, please do not do this
  3. Can I do something that does not exist on the forum or I do not know how to do this new innovative idea
  4. Another person is posting in the same thread I am posting in, what do I do?
  5. How can I change my username? This cannot be done without developer resources
  6. How can I become white-listed?
  7. I am having trouble doing <this regular action I could take in the past>
  8. Threats and bad language, user has been banned and deactivated several times?
  9. 500 error for a page that should not have been deleted
  10. Contributor forum discussion thread

Use [attn:admin] where something is particularly important to a user or community member

  1. Policy Discussions
  2. Advice
  3. Channels for Admins
  4. Matrix
  5. Scheduled meetings [Link to Contributor Forums - "What's happening this week?"]
  6. Bugs in bugzilla.mozilla.org
  7. Posted etherpads or Google Document links
  8. trello board public comments

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