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How can I put the Tabs back below the navigation bar? I immensely do NOT like the navigation bar under the Tabs. Thanks.

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Versions prior to 29 allow me to about:config to put Tabs below the navigation bar. Now this configuration no longer works. It is HUGELY annoying!!

How can I configure the Tabs back where they are most useful, below the navigation bar?

Thank you.

asked and a "solution" was posted - locking this thread to keep it from going further off-topic - Ed

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I have chosen to return to version 28 as I really don't like version 29. I've been loyal to mozilla's firefox since the beginning as I'm a computer engineer, and have gone through some major issues through the years, but simply put, I don't like version 29, and now it's become more complicated to simply put the Tabs back below.

I've now started using Google Chrome as my default browser, and while I miss some of the necessary add-ons I've used extensively on Firefox, I'm going to give Chrome a long-term run to see if it will supply my needs.

Sad to be loosing Firefox.

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Hi JDnHuntsvilleAL, maybe someone will create a button for the History Sidebar, but until then you can open/close it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+h.

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The Classic Theme Restorer extension provides a button in the Customize palette to open the bookmarks sidebar and the history sidebar.

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Totally agree. Gone are the status bar and the option to place tabs where you want them. I appreciate the team making improvements but Firefox 29 is a major step backwards that will surely cause the flight of many faithful users to Chrome or another solution.

I would like to remind the Mozilla team that Firefox's appeal was its customizability. Everyone has his own version of what he wants in a browser. With v29.0 you have basically decreed that all users will have their browsers the way YOU want them. The UI customizing options are now extremely limited. I will return to v28.0 until such time as you address these issues.

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@jscher2000: I would venture that it's taken infinitely more effort to move the tabs to the top (and make the about:config pref no longer work) than it would have to have left them where they were.

That the about:config line that is STILL in my config doesn't work any longer is just plain stupid.

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Hi tinatgeezas, tabs have been "on top" since Firefox 4 went into beta testing in 2010. (But many users stuck with the old style.)

Mozilla has reallocated development resources, and supporting the pre-Firefox 4 tab bar position was one of the things that got cut. Because this is Firefox, there is an add-on (or two) you can use this aspect of the interface.

I can appreciate that Firefox would be more perfect if more developers and testers were available to maintain more old features, but Mozilla is a small not-for-profit company with a big mission. For some things, it needs to rely on its global community of supporters, including support volunteers and add-on developers, to provide an extra level of customization.

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That's fabulous I'm sure, but my point still stands. Leaving them exactly where they were (last week, in 2010, or whenever) would have required ZERO effort. Redesigning the GUI several times since then - or whatever combination of events has lead to them being where they are now - I'm sure you will not deny - has required infinitely more effort than zero.

Thus the argument that it's more effort to put something in to have them where they always were is complete poppycock. Please if you wish to counter peoples gripes with this come up with another reason.

Personally *I* wish the team would concentrate their efforts elsewhere than constant UI rehashing, I have a strong belief there is a huge market out there of users that detest their UIs moving around each update. But I appreciate that may be a minority review and I personally have no right to demand or expect that.

However. I repeat: leaving the tabs where they were required LESS effort, and that and that alone was the point I was making.

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