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How can I permanently disable the "allow?" pop-up when I go full screen?


I want to be able to expand web page pictures to full screen without one of two annoying pop-up mini wdws always popping up.

-One is the instructional: "______ is now fullscreen; press esc. at any time to exit fullscreen"
-The second is along the same lines, something about: "allow ________ to be fullscreen?" with a checkbox to 'allow'

I KNOW how to exit full screen. I don't want to be reminded for a full second every single time I expand a picture. As far as allowing a website to expand a picture to full screen, if I click full screen, obviously I want to engage full screen on that web page. In fact, why would firefox even give the option to disallow the function? It seems like shooting a spider with a shotgun---when there's no spider in the first place.

Firefox 24.0

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Brayden M 4 solutions 26 answers

This happens every time you go fullscreen? Because as far as I know once you allow the website to go fullscreen once it should not ever happen again on that same website.

By the way, I recommend you update to the latest Firefox 26 to avoid any future problems and to enhance your security


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This happens as part of the full screen permissions as you can inspect on the "Tools > Page Info > Permissions" window for the current web page.
If you enter full screen mode via a button on a web page that uses the full screen API then you get this notification.

There are full-screen-api.* prefs tied to this feature that you can inspect on the about:config page.

  • full-screen-api.approval-required
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Neither of these replies helped me (but thank you for trying).

I simply want to set whatever needs to be set so that I never have to look at either of the full screen permission/information mini pop-ups ever again.

Is this really dependent on some setting for each specific webpage?! How utterly bizarre, and what a case of horrible design.

Why would firefox or any other browser care if a webpage is allowed to go full screen? If a user to a webpage clicks full screen on his/her PC, the image/page should just simply go full screen---period.

It's like if I turned on the radio in my car and the radio would first ask me "Did you really mean to turn on the radio?" or "You are turning on the radio now. To turn off the radio, just rotate the knob counter clockwise".

Tell me this isn't as freakishly stupidly designed as it sounds.

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I'm only seeing the message about how to leave full screen mode and not the notification if you want to allow the website to use full screen mode. I don't know if there is a way to hide this Exit message and it should disappear automatically. You can suppress the notification asking for permission to enter full screen mode once you have allowed the website (Tools > Page Info > Permissions).

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justintamoore 0 solutions 7 answers

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cor-el did have the solution in his first reply, sort of, he just didn't elaborate. I'm going to try to describe what to do in a way that future readers who find this page, who may have less experience than you or I, will get.

  • Go to about:config page (just type exactly that in the address box, not a search box)
  • READ the warning if you've never done this before, it's important! But don't worry, this one change is not a big one. Click "I'll be careful! I promise!"
  • Find full-screen-api.approval-required
  • Double click it, it will change the default value from "True" to "False." Done.

I haven't seen the "allow" message since, but I'm not sure if this covers the "How to exit full screen" message, I'll try to update here if I see it again.

This happened to me at seemingly random. Videos from visited sites would display this again sometimes, but not always. Videos from new sites often would not display this. Also, entering in a permission for each individual site where it's randomly not automatically changed, even after you've "allowed" it before, is a pain.

The "You are now viewing in full screen. Press esc to exit" message is just stupid. Your radio analogy is perfect.

It is very mystifying why these messages would ever come up. I mean, what purpose do they serve? Are there malicious sites that can try to force full screen? Is that even possible?

Update 4/2/14: still getting message "Press ESC to exit full screen mode" every time, but not the "allow" or the longer "How to exit" message. It's brief, and not a big deal, but still retarded.

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Question owner

Here's a screenshot of the other annoying popup to which I attempted to refer in my original posting.

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justintamoore 0 solutions 7 answers

I hate that one, I know it all too well. It's one of the ones I was trying to refer to, as well. Thanks so much for the screenshot!

I haven't seen it since I did what I did posted above, so that's nice. It's such an erratic little annoyance, I can't promise a fix. If I see it again, I'll update here.

If anyone else sees it after doing what I posted above, or see a problem with what I posted above, please respond here.

Modified by justintamoore

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