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Since August 2013, Firefox is lagging and using too much PF Usage after 1 hour

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For roughly the last two months(Since August 2013), Firefox has been sucking really bad! Once I have a Firefox window open and running, it always uses more and more PF Usage and CPU usage. It eventually gets to the point where CPU usage is always at 50% or more. After 1-2 hours, PF usage goes up over 1GB.

I never ever had a problem like this with Firefox until early August 2013. What happened?!?!?!? What has changed with Firefox in the last 2-3 months?

Lastly....what is the PERMANENT fix for this ongoing problem? One time recently, I reset Firefox to factory settings and it seemed to help....for about a week to 10 days. Not doing that again as I lost too many settings in the process! I am tired of having to "End Task" every 2 hours and start over!!!!

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I would try the JIT method, but if it doesn't work, you will likely want to turn it back on.

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So, the ongoing problem continues. More and more, I am thinking it is some hang up with the Yahoo Mail I am using. Yahoo Mail also changed format back around the same time, August 2013.

I have already seen on message about a slow running script, & it has something to do with Yahoo Alert Manager....see above for copy and past of the message.

Here is another message I just saw today when it started bogging down about non responsive java script....


So to recap...the longer I have a Firefox window open, up, and running...the higher the Page File usage gets to. By the time it reaches 1.2gb and above, the system is so slow that I have to "End Task" on Firefox from the Task Manager and start over.

Anyone else having issues with the Yahoo Mail platform bogging down Firefox? Open to suggestions for a fix as this is driving me crazy.

I tried changing all the things in about:config and it made little to no difference. Flipped them back to prior settings. I also have done the about:memory and minimized memory usage with marginal to little effect on the problem.

I do think the problem is still here though....when I run a "health report" on the Help tab, here is the result i get.....

Your browser seems to be running slower than usual. To learn more:

   Visit our support website
   View more detailed information
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I have this problem too. Ever since i upgraded about a month ago FF has become a real resource hog.

Just like the original poster, it was fine until I upgraded.

Mozilla must have changed something for the worse that they are not owning up about.

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Finally....someone else looking for a resolution to this problem. I knew I wasn't crazy and/or the only one having this problem.

Now, what's the fix? Help us out community. Thank you in advance!

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Warning: Unresponsive Script

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


I keep getting the pop up message more and more frequently today. It appears this Firefox ERROR, issue has something to do with scripts. Come on Firefox, if you ever read these forums.....push thru a FIX for this issue that you screwed up on Firefox 24

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Moving this back up in hopes of finding a resolution. Problem is very cumbersome. In a typical day, I have End Process on Firefox at least 6-7 times otherwise it bogs down too much.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Topping this off....still looking for the fix.  :)

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Anyone found a fix for this problem?

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I've been having the same problem for about a month and a half. Then I tried using Google Chrome. Just import your bookmarks from Firefox. Works well; fast!

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are you getting paid for every profile or what ?

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are you getting paid for every profile or what ?

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its called the address bar right ? not the location bar right ?

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I think you might be?

BTW...this problem still persists and does not seem to be addressed by Mozilla. :(

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The other helpers including Tyler who is expert paid staff seem to have left this thread for now, but maybe they will come back later. Meanwhile I will ask for some information and make some suggestions that could help.

I note you were talking about work and email use, and also the unresponsive script is apparently Yahoo and mail related. I imagine mail use can place quite heavy demands on the CPU.

Did you try setting up a new additional profile ?

Try setting up two test profiles in each disable all plugins and run in safe-mode. Use one for day to day browsing but not email use. Use the other only for email use.

You may find each test profile is better than the standard profile. You may find the profile used for email is the only one to suffer from unresponsive scripts.

I wonder if part of the problem may relate to some change in your email usage or Yahoo Mail changes ?

Please give that a try and post back with how you get on.

Slightly offtopic but

  • What are the Page File settings that you use ?
    ( I note you have 2GB RAM )
  • And do you have only one Hard Disk Drive on the computer ?
  • What amount of space is there on the hdd as GB & % ?
  • Have you tried using Firefox but no other application running at the same time. (Bar essentials like windows Explorer)
  • Roughly how many tabs do you normally have open ?
    1 to 5, 10-30, 30-100, >100
  • Do you Hibernate Windows XP ?
  • Can you see from the Task Manager what else is eating into your RAM usage besides Firefox ?
    (What are the three heaviest users of Memory and the typical amounts ?)

I may have expected in some circumstances Firefox could run on 2GB RAM without any paging at all.

The problem may not be a Mozilla Firefox problem, it may be more to do with your computer and Firefox setup and how it is configured and used. Firefox still should work without needing to be constantly restarted.

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Neither Firefox nor Mozilla tracks your every move. In fact it's in our very DNA to help block all such tracking.

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