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Disabling the volume warning in the music player


When I raise the volume on my firefox OS device and I have something plugged into the headphone jack, I get an annoying pop-up warning. Where is the setting for disabling this annoyance?

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In my opinion, it's not annoying for me. It's not hard to just hit the OK button and continue on with the volume control. To my knowledge, there is no know way to disable this. This is just for your health and safety.

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I only use my firefox os device to listen to music when it is connected to my car stereo. Having to deal with the popup means that I am taking my attention away from operating a vehicle on a motorway, therefor the popup is most definitely NOT doing anything to promote my health and safety, and one could easily argue that by distracting me while driving, the popup is actually putting my life at risk. While I thank you for your opinion, it isn't really relevant to the question of "how do I disable the volume warning popup?".

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I had this same issue on an Android device, and had to fix it by taking apart a file buried deep in the system, editing one value, and then recreating it and pushing it back to my phone. I don't know if Firefox OS uses a Linux/Android base, but for me it was in a "framework.jar" file. Perhaps if you can access system files see if you can find one like that.

edit: long story short, it's possibly doable but would take modifying the value for where the warning happens if there's nothing visible in the OS to do it.

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Unfortunately, my firefox OS device is anti-freedom and I have no way to push changes to the device even if I removed this "feature" from the source code.