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Open google maps, youtube, video etc links with app instead of browser?


According to the search maps and youtube won't ask if you want to use an app to open the links because google doesn't see firefox as a mobile browser (which is weird given that it will always load the mobile youtube site...)

But the same thing happens when I want to watch streams from other websites. Instead of asking me if I want to open media files using an app it will automatically use the built in player. But I want to open media with a different player (mx player) as I don't really like the firefox player.

How can I have firefox ask me to pick an app/browser to open certain things like google map links, youtube links, media file link (mp4 etc)?

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This will be possible in Firefox 26 (Nightly for Android) currently. Native handling works by adding an icon to the address-bar that opens the native application to handle the content should one prefer to do such. Try it out and let us know if works for you: http://nightly.mozilla.org

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My biggest bugbear with the Play Store opening in the browser is that it's slower than the native app, so waiting for the page to load before given the option to launch the app isn't a lot of help. Would it be possible to have an option to automatically load such pages in the associated app? Perhaps when using the address bar icon it could ask "Do you want to do this automatically in future? Yes/No/No and don't ask again".