What's new in Firefox for Android

We’ve made some changes to make it easier to test and improve Firefox.

The experimental Firefox Aurora has now been combined with Firefox Nightly. If you were a Firefox Aurora user, thank you for helping improve Firefox! You won’t need to do a thing -- just keep supporting the open web by using this developer version of Firefox. More details here: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2017/04/simplifying-firefox-release-channels/

A new version of Firefox is available! See Update to the latest version of Firefox for Android to get the new version.

Thanks for updating your Firefox! This latest version comes with the following features to help you find what you're looking for faster.

Access top-ranked sites based on Alexa data (for new users only)

If you have not yet synced Firefox with other devices, it will suggest five of the top-ranked sites for your country.

alexa android 46

These sites will eventually be replaced by your most recently and frequently visited sites as you continue to use Firefox. You can also delete a top site by long-pressing on it, then choosing Remove from the menu that pops up.

To learn more about the home screen, see Customize the Firefox Homepage

Get to websites faster with URL autocomplete

Visit popular websites quickly. When you start entering a popular web address, Firefox will automatically complete it for you. If there are several possible addresses for the website you are typing, Firefox will suggest possible domains.

Suggestions are based on your history and the top 100 Alexa websites.

Easier access to your history and bookmarks with menu shortcuts

In addition to being on the home screen, the Firefox menu now has shortcuts to Bookmarks and History so you can get to your favorite websites faster.

bookmarks history menu android 46

Heyo! Nice to see you again. This brand new version of Firefox comes with the following goodies to make your browsing experience even better.

Prevent spoofing by removing icons in the address bar

Ever get fooled into thinking that a website is secure because you trust the website icon in the URL bar? Well, never again! We’ve removed the website icon so websites can no longer pretend to be secure or legit when they’re not (sneaky!)

no favicon fx 47

Ability to turn web fonts off to use less data

Some websites use fonts that are not already installed on your device. These fonts are downloaded while the page loads. While these fonts may look nice, they can eat up your data or slow down your browsing. Firefox for Android gives you the option to turn these web fonts off or on.

webfonts android 47

Welcome back to another shiny, action-packed version of Firefox. This update comes with the following features to help you browse free and easy.

Your Bookmarks panel now has a Reading List smart folder

Firefox saves you time by saving your Reading List articles and bookmarks in one place. When you bookmark a page while in reader view, Firefox will automatically create a smart folder in your bookmarks called Reading List.

reading list android 48

Floating menu near your selected text

When you select text, the toolbar will appear magically near it. No more trips to the top of the screen.

floating menu 48

For more information about copying and pasting text, see How do I copy and paste text on Android?

Improved audio and video playback

Audio and video are handled by Android Audio Media Services

When a call interrupts you while you’re watching or listening to audio or video in Firefox, we’ll automatically pause your playback so you can pick up where you left off...after your call. No more scrambling for the controls.

Video touch controls get a snazzy new look

We’ve streamlined your video controls so they’re easier to use and better looking to boot! video controls 48 android

Push notifications for websites

Don’t want to miss out on your favorite web pages? Set up notifications so you know when they’re updated. When you visit a web page for the first time, Firefox will ask you if you want to set up notifications. You can always change your mind by tapping the lock icon, followed by Edit Site Settings.

push notifications control center

Make Firefox your Default browser

We’ve made it easier by including instructions in the Settings menu. Just tap the menu button followed by Settings, and then Make default browser.

Pages from all synced devices -- now in the History panel

Firefox makes it easier to visit pages you’ve viewed on sync’ed devices. Tap on the History panel, followed by Synced devices to see your open tabs across your synced devices.

synced devices in history 48

See some webpages offline

Nice to see you again! This version of Firefox saves you data by storing some webpages offline so you can see them when you aren't connected to the Internet. Say goodbye to "page not found" errors.

offline page android 49

Welcome back! We're working on a cool, new feature that lets you watch videos and live stream on websites. This feature is still in its early stages but it's ready for you to try out (why wait?)

Just tap on the video and Firefox will play it in a window on top of the page.

hls 50

(Ahem, if you see an error message before the video plays successfully, just ignore it. We're still getting that bit ready, so please pardon our appearance.)

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