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how to make firefox 20 look like 3.6


Everytime I upgrade Firefox I hate the user interface and I keep downgrading to version 3.6.28. Can Mozilla either make a version of the latest version with the 3.6 interface, a 3.6 interface option or go back to updating 3.6. For me the user interface is the most important thing and I HATE the interfaces since 4 and on. For the few websites (mostly video) that don't work on my firefox 3.6 I use Opera and sometimes run two browsers at the same time. Can you please make a 3.6 option. There is a reason why nearly 2.5% of us haven't switched yet as after this I will be downgrading

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I did that before writing this, the reason I wrote this is because that wasn't good. All it does it gives a few of the superficial things. What I want is the full 3.6 .28 interface, so it will feel like 3.6.28. There is a reason so many resisted upgrading from this version, and still downgrade. Why doesn't firefox just make a version of each firefox version that has the 3.6 interface and feel. Like with the new 25, one version with the 25 interface and feel, and one with the 3.6. But until that comes I just want a way to make other versions of firefox look and feel like 3.6, not just a few minor settings, but the whole look and feel (and not that stupid "firefox 3" mod that can be downloaded, doesn't work well and its regular 3, not 3.6. Websites are no longer working with 3.6 and some will stop soon. I have started switching to Opera, which gives way more options for customization and interface, even though it doesn't run as smooth. Is there any way to get firefox later versions to look and feel like 3.6