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Why can't I paste formatted text into Firefox?


Very simple question. When I try to paste rich text into text field in Firefox (text with hyperlinks added, bolded etc.), Firefox strips all of that out.

Case in point: I added a link to a piece of text in Evernote for Mac. Copied it. Went to Tumblr, pasted it in... the link is removed. This is retained in Chrome, Opera and Safari.

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I Type In The "MS Word" And Copy it To Firefox Everything was right

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I've tried copying from Evernote for Mac, Textedit, Word, Pages. All of them end up as plain text when I paste them into Firefox, on sites like Tumblr and WordPress.

Very frustrating.

pt.ax 1 solutions 8 answers

Paste it Here or In any other Forum and report the result

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Just tried it. Makes everything plain text. Even remove line breaks and stuff like that -- so it's just a big block of plain text.

pt.ax 1 solutions 8 answers
  1. Update The Firefox Version
  2. Reset Your Firefox Setting


Note: When using the reset feature,your extensions and themes will be removed; open tabs, windows and tab groups will not be saved; and your preferences will be reset.

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I also did this. It seems to be a Firefox issue as a whole -- three of my colleagues have the same functionality.

Is this an intended feature of Firefox's? To disable pasting in rich text from other Mac apps? Chrome and Safari support this just fine, but they're also built on Webkit. So...