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Downgrade 20.0 to 19.0.2

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I really dislike the "new" 20.bla-bla-bla version of FF because of the download window that appear in library window (wtfFF) and the colorful file system icons in it. SO I want to get back my "old" 19.0.2... Is this possible in therms of the structurаl differences mentioned above in the v.20?

I know about the site where I can find the exact version I need for downgrade with, but can I just run the setup without saving any data... just like when upgrading?

Please answer my question and let me know how to downgrade 20 to 19.0.2...

Thank you very much!!!

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Thank you for that! God bless you :)

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I might be too late as I don't know how far back your restore points are but do this, System Restore your PC back to a point before Fx updated itself. Check your Fx update history by doing this, tools>options>update>show update history then restore your PC to a day before the update. You will e back on Fx19.

Then once you have system restored your PC go into Fx and click tools>option>update and click on never check for updates to stop Fx from updating itself.

I don't want Fx20.0.1 myself after hearing some horror stories about it. I couldn't believe it myself this morning when I discovered that FX had updated itself despite the fact I had it set to check for updates but let me choose to install them. I did system restore and it took me back to Fx19.

I have never understood why Fx just can't update without changing things or removing things you like. Apparently there is a programme you can get to make Fx 19 look like 3.6.

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Firefox is highly customisable. By all means make it look and behave how you like it.

Using restore points may not be the best idea

  • it inevitably changes other things at the same time
  • there are sometimes problems using restore points (if suitable ones even exist)

You should NOT use old versions of Firefox

  • they are not: supported or secure
    • you put your system and personal data at increased risk
  • if you are aware of and willing to take the risks (or maybe testing on a virtual machine) at least download and use an official copy:
    see Install an older version of Firefox
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. My PC is working like a dream since I system restored it yesterday and despite going back a week I lost nothing.

Most of us wouldn't feel the need to use old versions of Firefox if you lot would stop screwing with it and removing stuff that we liked or adding stuff that gives problems or stuff that we didn't ask for, want or need.

I have heard nothing but horror stories regarding Firefox 20.

Also most of us don't give a stuff about security. We had no problems with Firefox 19 when we were using it and before Firefox 20 came out why should that change just because there is a newer crappier version out. Firefox 19 is safe and secure in my book.

I have never understood why you just can't give us security updates without the need to screw around with Firefox. I am not surprised you are in third place behind Internet Explorer and Chrome since everyone is sick and tired of you screwing up Firefox. If I.E9 had ad block I would ditch this **** Firefox and go back to that in a heartbeat.

Oh and if I had used your ****** link it would mean that I would lose all my bookmarks and whatever else I have on Firefox as it would mean that I would have to uninstall Firefox and then re-install the older version/ At least with System Restore that doesn't happen.

You lot really are ****. You always seem to have trouble with new releases. I have just read what was given to users of Fx20 and all I can say is what a load of ****. Think I will stick to Fx19 thank you.

Oh by the way a forum I am a member of some members are still using Firefox 15 or 16 and they are having no problems with it.

Oh and there is something else I am not happy about. I now seem to have a "down arrow" between my search bar and my ad block plus symbol. When I mouse over it it says "Display the progress of ongoing downloads". I am pretty sure that wasn't there on Wednesday before I had to restore my PC. Is this some ****** leftover of Fx 20 that I have been saddled with?

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Hi hoggys2much, a lot of people are unhappy with the changes to downloads in Firefox 20. But I think calling it "horror" or "crap" is an exaggeration.

You can remove the unwanted Firefox 20 download icon from your toolbar using the Customize feature. You can call that up using either:

  • right-click a blank area of the tab bar > Customize
  • tap the Alt key > View menu > Toolbars > Customize

Drag the icon into the Customize dialog. Click Done.

For future reference, running a recent Firefox installer does not remove your personal settings. Downwards compatibility is not guaranteed, and a backup is always a good idea, but I consider the installer more trustworthy than system restore. As you can see, it did not actually restore your earlier toolbar settings file when it restored other files. Who knows what hodgepodge of files Windows left you with?

I don't know why you consider Firefox 19 safe and secure. Mozilla publicly discloses the security vulnerabilities fixed in new releases: It's true that your odds of getting exploited through any one of these flaws is small, and that Flash media and PDFs probably pose a greater risk, but others reading your advice here may misunderstand that you are choosing to run those risks and not saying that Firefox 19 and Firefox 20 are equally secure.

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I realy like 3.6... It's more stable than the crap that someone already said. I switched back to the old Download window thanks to the method mentioned above, but it's only an empty thing on my taskbar... There is no label on the window... It's just empty... Sometimes it appears on the tab, but most of the time it's empy...

And why we are not receiving only security updates, instead of a whole new unstable version. I won't update anymore until the websites requires a higher version!

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Firefox 3.6 is old and support stopped a while ago. You will not receive security updates for it. Firefox 3.6 can not be considered to be secure. It is likely to be even less secure than using Firefox 19. You are of course free to use whatever version you like, or another browser entirely.

Basically for the ordinary user the current version is the secure version and the one that should be used.

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hoggys2much, please watch you language and attacks on people as this is a family forum, thank you.

Nothing new with people claiming the new release is the worst release ever for nine years now. Just because there have been a number of complaints about the download manager change does not make it a bad release. Believe it or not but a minority thought the Firefox 19 was a worst version ever ;) then when it was released.

Chrome may seem to have more uses on Windows because it gets bundled with various things as I would not be surprised if many users are only using it because they wanted to get away from IE and saw they had Chrome installed by something. IE of course is a part of Windows.

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