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Hyperlinks linking to wrong page in new pdf viewer


Hi i just got over the issue with transparencies in firefox's new pdf viewer, but now i've another issue which only appears in the new viewer, and i cant find any forum dealing with it specifically as yet. I added hyperlinks in a document to go back to contents: a simple go to page 3, but in the viewer it continuously goes to the wrong page. The links work fine in chrome, and as pdf, etc. so it's jut the viewer that's acting erratically? I just would like to know is this a bug, soon to be fixed, or is the viewer unsuitable for hyperlinks within a pdf, or am i doing something wrong???

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sorry the link is here at the moment, although it may be taken down given this issue. http://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/UCD%20School%20of%20Medicine%20International%20Prospectus%20FINAL%20WEB%20VERSION%20RGB.pdf