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Which Blekko search engine do I add to search bar ?


I have stumbled across "http://blekko.com/" as a search engine. When I open searchbar drop down, there are two Blekko entries.

Add "blekko" Add "blekko (HTTPS)"

Which do I "add" to my list of search engines.


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It's very likely -- Pale Moon is suposed to be 100% compatible with standard Windows Firefox, only faster.

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Do you want a secure HTTPS connection for your searches?

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Thanks "TE" for your response,

I do not know what "HTTPS" is

Secure in what way? Secure from what ?

I use Bitdefender "safepay" to do real secure money transactions

I just want to browse for information, shopping etc

For PC technical stuff and engineering research I use "DuckDuckGo" neither of which is ever life threatening.

All my professional PCs are standalone (no internet connections)

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Hello grayghost2, the the-edmeister is correct if you want a secure HTTPS connection for your searches then try the "blekko (HTTPS)"

see for info :

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

SSL Search

Enable SSL to fix the Firefox cannot connect securely error message

thank you

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grayghost2, you probably DO want this HTTPS encryption. It doesn't slow down a modern computer much, and it prevents (for example) your Internet Service Provider from snooping on your queries. Or that kid with pimples sitting in the corner of the coffee shop with open wireless.

blekko makes a point of doing simple things that improve privacy, like offering HTTPS, supporting DoNotTrack, and sending you to HTTPS websites from our search results, when we know that a website is available encrypted.

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You gave me a good laugh.

I am a very raw beginner to the inner workings of web browsers. Just a point + click, so far.

I have never taken much (if any) notice of "security/privacy" until now.

I have looked at @ideato suggested links but I barely understand any of the stuff in those links.

My router/modem is WiFi and it is strong password protected/locked. -- Pimples has plenty of unsecured wireless modems around this neightbourhood to play with. About 5 of them.

I have just reinstalled FFox 19.0.2 to hopefully resolve other issues.

If I use "blekko (HTTPS)" what happens if I want to look at an unencrypted site?

I have had it with Googles nag popups and ribbons. Buy-me, buy-me!

Thanks to all

GregLindahl 1 solutions 3 answers

grayghost2, if you use blekko (HTTPS) and then want to look at an unencrypted site, then that part of your surfing will work fine but will be unencrypted.

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@ GregLindahl

Thank you for a plain English language reply.

Will "blekko" work in "Pale Moon" browser 32bit ?

GregLindahl 1 solutions 3 answers

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It's very likely -- Pale Moon is suposed to be 100% compatible with standard Windows Firefox, only faster.

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Dont you ever sleep? Or are you on the western side of the Pacific.

Thank you so much for your help