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ASP.NET shortcut key(Accesskey) is working with 'ALT+Shift+Letter' combination, How to remove shift frm this combination


in ASP.NET we have accesskey to to implement shortcut key, in other browser like chrome , IE we just need to press ALT+Q, but in mozilla we need to press ALT+SHIFT+Q.

Q is just an example.

Now its problematic for my application users. They want to shift to Chorme, but I love to use mozilla, and want them to use it ony.

Please help me.

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In Firefox, Shift is needed to avoid conflicts with the menus (e.g., Alt+s for History, Alt+b for Bookmarks, etc.).

Your users can change their accesskey accelerators so that Alt is for accesskey in the page, and some other key is for the menus. This would apply globally to all sites, not just yours. These are the preferences they would change in about:config:

As the developer you cannot change how accesskey shortcuts are set up, but you could code your own keyboard handlers in JavaScript rather than using the built-in accesskey functionality.

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It is usually best to leave those ui.key prefs at their default values.
Changing ui.key.chromeAccess would require to press the Shift key to access the menus and there may also be extensions installed that use shortcut keys and different locales may use other shortcut keys to access menu items.

Some access keys may be hard coded and impossible to override.

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