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Updated to Firefox 19 from 3.6 and want to contol the width of the bookmark drop down menu


I have a bookmark drop down that is as wide as the screen. Because of this I assume that this causes the folders to open on the left instead of the right. Is there something in about:con fig that I can change to control the width

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Does one of your bookmarks has an outrageously long name that you might be able to shorten?

I don't think there is anything in about:config that governs the width of the menu or drop-down. You might need to add a style rule to a userChrome.css file or use the Stylish extension and a userstyle. In order to get specific, could you indicate whether the problem is with the Bookmarks menu on the menu bar, or the drop-down control on the right-hand end of the Bookmarks Toolbar?

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On Mac you can't use Stylish or userChrome.css to style the main menu bar including the Bookmarks menu because the Mac OS maintains the menu bar and Firefox can't control it.

Your only option is to check for long names like posted above and shorten them.

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Bookmarks menu on the menu bar is the problem . Yes there are long bookmarks but I did not want to go thru them all and shorten them if there was a fix for this.