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Is there way to check in javascript code if built in PDF.js viewer is disabled


To restore functionality of my site I want to ask user to disable built in PDF.js viewer. To determine if Adobe acrobat reader plug-in is enabled i check navigator.mimeTypes["application/pdf"].enabledPlugin property. But this plug-in seems to be enabled independently from the setting described in View PDF files in Firefox without downloading them article. So is there a way to determine in javascript code if 'Preview in Firefox' or 'Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)' values are set.

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A possibility might be to check the navigator.plugins array and search for the Adobe Reader plugin.
The PDF Viewer (pdfjs) doesn't seem to show there.

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I've filed to determine difference by the window.navigator.plugins property too.

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cor-el, the more your answers I found the more i'm confident you do not think about the problem described. It's sad, that mozila pay more attention on new mobile os, than on old user problems. Chrome will bite you for sure