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Firefox 19.0 pdf viewer ignores pdf encryption - how do I get it to honor the encryption?


I encrypted a pdf with Adobe Acrobat so that the document's text couldn't be copied. However with the new Firefox pdf reader, the reader completely ignores this encryption so that the document's text can be copied.

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I can confirm that problem: http://www.jeffersonscher.com/forumshots/no-copy.pdf

I guess the "security" offered by this feature is not very good if it's up to the viewer to honor it!

You might want to file a "bug" for this (you could do that on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi -- that's a new registration, separate from this forum). If you do, please note the number here for reference.

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It is not guaranteed that such features added by one program work in other Viewers.
Evince on Linux also allows to copy selected text to the clipboard.

It is the same as with websites that try to disable such features in browsers and that can easily be bypassed, either with disabling the JavaScript that adds them or via JavaScript bookmarklet code.

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I am having the same problem: I encrypted pdf using PdfEncryptor.encrypt(...) that the documents could not be printed and it was working for several years. Now FireFox pdf reader ignores it and all documents could be printed.