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How can I make addons available for enterprise users by an central service and forbid the installation from any other sources


in the company I´m working for it´s not possible to install add-ons by the Users . That´s what I´m going to change.

We use Firefox ESR 17 and Window 7.

I want to make add-ons available for everybody by integrating an internal central service. That is possible by customizing the "extension.webservice.discoverURL" to the server I´m talking about. The Problem is that nobody should be able to install add-ons from any other source, for example addons.mozilla.org, local media,...

Do you have an idea, how this problem can be solved? Maybe there is a possibility by using the lockPref "xpiinstall.enabled false" in conjunction with a whitelist defining my Server?

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Need administrative rights to install

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Does any of this or similar blogs by the same author help

Although with many hacks there could be some sort of workaround that advanced users may employ when attempting to circumvent the measures, such as the ability to use Firefox in safe-mode and then install add-ons, or even run a browser from a memory stick.

You may well get a better answer on some other forum. This mozillazine forum deals with some coding issues, not sure but they may consider your sort of question on topic.