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Move tabs to right of pages


How do I move my tabs to the right of my browser instead of the left? I am using a 10" Android tablet and can't find anything about it in the Q&A sections. In the video clips of the answer sections they all show the tabs on the right side of the browser. It would be a lot more convenient! Thx

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meter1060 3 solutions 27 answers

Currently it is not possible to change sides of tabs on Firefox for Android. What I suggest is filing a bug at bugzilla.mozilla.org as a feature request that allows you to change which side the tabs are on.

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It Must be different devices that has them on the right side because it showed the tabs being on the right in a couple of the help videos. Thank you for your answer!

meter1060 3 solutions 27 answers

Can you provide which videos currently show them on the right side? That way I could take a look and perhaps get them corrected.

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I have noticed that the tabs are on the right hand side of the browser on my phone, just not on my tablet. The tutorials which show this are "https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tabs-quickly-switch-websites-firefox-mobile" and the one for using the "awesome screen ". THX very much for your attention to this matter. Deb

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The button to open tabs is on the right, however the tabs are stacked on top of the browser.