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Is there a way to backup my bookmarks from the bookmarks menu tab?


After recently having a problem reinstalling my old bookmarks, I'm now wondering if there is a easy way to backup my very recent bookmarks, when I enter my bookmarks from the menu tab? I don't see a link within the bookmarks tab to do so. It would be nice to see a specific link within the bookmarks tab to do such a function. Does anyone have any solutions, or know a way to quickly backup my bookmarks? Thank you.

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    Thank you for your reply. But, being I'm a novice at computers can you explain in more detail? Simply put, if I follow your directions, will I be able to backup my bookmarks from directly the bookmarks tab in the menu tab. Again, I don't see a link within the bookmarks menu tab to do such a function iamjayakumars. It would be helpful from my lack of experience to state if it's possible or not. I do appreciate your help iamjayakumars.
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Hi sciencemagic,
yes you will be able to do what you stated. Refer to the articles posted above for more details. All you need to know is here:
Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer
Hope i have helped!

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Helpful Reply

press Ctrl + Shift +B

Bookmark menu pop up there you can able to see the import and export option.

Backup bookmark -> saves withe the category and folders, its extension .json

HTML Bookmark -> saves your bookmark in a single page without your alignment or folder.

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     Thank you for your reply. I see the bookmark pop up box, and when I click on the import and backup option, I click on backup and a box comes up: bookmark backup filename. Within that box I see file JSON. What happens when I click on save, which I'm presuming I should do? Where do I then access that saved bookmark? Secondly, the HTML option? Which option do I choose, import bkmrks from HTML, or export bkmrks to HTML? After selecting one of the two options, how do I proceed? 
   I have noticed a peculiarity about my bookmarks files? When I was fumbling around trying to accomplish something with my bookmark backups, I believe I made a big mistake and selected windows media player as the area to view my bookmark backups? I notice I have two bookmark icons on my desktop when I first turn the computer on, and they both show windows media player as the location. When I click on either icon, media player comes up and I can't access the bookmarks? How do I repair my screw up of sending those bookmark backups to windows media player? I don't see an option while in media player to undo my mistake, or simply remove those bookmarks from media player. Is there a way to repair my mistake? How do I get those two bookmark backup's or what ever bookmarks out of media player and back to the correct location iamjayakumars? Again, thank you for your help and patients.

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   Thank you for your reply. I did as you said, and I see the file name JSON, and clicked on save, as you said. I see the icon for bookmarks in the filename box, along with other files? But, as I mentioned to iamjayakumars, it seems all those bookmarks are being sent to windows media player. And, I'm not able to access them through that function? I made a mistake when I didn't know what I was doing, and getting disparate too boot, and sent my bookmarks backups to windows media player. Now, when I try to access those bookmarks, media player comes up, and I'm not able to get at them? How can I repair that problem, so I can access those bookmark files. I can't seem to remove those files from media player now? It just seems like I can't correct that problem now. And, to make matters worse, I can now see when I just saved this last JSON file, it ended up in media player also. How can I solve this problem, and repair the damage alco?
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You need to open the Bookmarks Manager (Library) to export the bookmarks

  • Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks

In the Bookmarks Manager (Library) there is a toolbar with the Back and Forward button and three other buttons (Organize, Views, Import & Backup).

  • The first (gear) button is the Organize button with basic edit menu items for bookmarks
  • The second button is the Views button that allows to change the sort order for viewing purposes (doesn't sort permanently).
  • The third (star) button is the Import & Backup button that allows to backup and restore a JSON backup and import and export an HTML backup and import bookmarks from other browsers.

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Hi science magic,
you shouldn't have any problem with windows media player. In the library window (the bookmark pop up box) you should click import and choose the file where you have saved your bookmarks previously (the json file).

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    I tried your suggestion, clicked on import and typed in json, in file and opened it. The message said, can't find file, click on file and try again. The files that are shown in the import box are: libraries,computer,old firefox data,rick,network and system recovery. 6 of them, but no json file or bookmarks? What next, or what am I doing wrong now alco?

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   Thanks for chiming in. I opened up the bookmarks library and I can see the options you mentioned. But, which option of the 3 you mention: organize, view, import backup should address? I presume import and backup? I would then presume, export bookmarks HTML? If you saw my last question, you probably saw my concern about windows media, and how it seems to have my bookmark files in it. My mistake, and just got myself in trouble not knowing what i was doing, again! But, how in the world do I get those bookmark files out of media player, which I can't access from that? Apparently, media player is trying to play the file and I guess that can't happen. Nonetheless, I can't access those bookmark files in media player.
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Hi science magic,
I assume that you have already saved your bookmarks (in a json file) as stated above. So you should find this file in your pc. I suppose you that you have saved it somewhere, so you have to navigate to the relevant folder and select it.

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cor-el or alco,

    I was able to finally get ride of the media center issue with the bookmarks files that were icons on my desktop. But, that brings up another issue. In the open program box, that shows the available options to open the file, there are no firefox program options to open the bookmark files. The only relevant option was explorer, so I choose it. But, now to access the bookmark files I have to go to the browser explorer. How come there were firefox options to open the program, only explorer? Which leads to the next obvious question, how do I incorporate the browser firefox, as an option to open my bookmarks on my desktop, instead of explorer?
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Hi sciencemagic,
Right click on the file -> Open with -> Choose Program to choose Firefox as your preferred application to open the file.
I think i miss something with your approach..