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how can i get my data from my sync acount when i lost it today


Firefox has been causing pbs for my MBP OS X ML. So i tried to reinstall it. Removed it form OSX cleaned the system then reinstalled it. When i tried re syncing my data i forgot the password for my account. I had to reset it. Then when i tried to re-add my MBP to my sync account it told me do you really want to replace the data from this device with the data on the sync account. I said yes then nothing happened. I tried re syncing but nothing happened. I changed the sync option to the second one "replace all data on this device with my sync data" but nothing happened. I don't know how to deal with this? can someone help please. Did i lose all my sync data or there is a way to get it back?

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So you Reset the recovery key you had for Firefox Sync? Unfortunately in that case all the data on the Sync server has been deleted, so there is now ay to get it back.

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Thank you for your replay, i kind of got that at the end. The only solution is starting over or going the other way (chrome's way). Since, i'm a gmail user i think the other way is better even if i've been a FF user from over 8years (netscape's years). I thought sync was a good way/tool to handle my stuff and boy i was wrong. If losing all my bookmarks (i'm a massive user) is what it takes to switch, then i'm ok with it. This pb with sync and the way it is handled are really stupid , but anyway. Someone is going to notice it in the future but... Thanks anyway.