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Numbers in browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion


What do the version numbers in browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion mean? I can find no explanation. If the value is 0, I know that Bookmarks will have the folders for most viewed and most recent, but what about the others (up to 4)? I had the value change to 1 after I removed those folders (back in FF 3), and copied that into user.js from prefs.js, but now the value is 4, even though I did not change the value in user.js. There is nothing wrong with the user.js file, so how does the value change to 4, and what does the 4 mean?

I checked FF 3.6.28 in my old laptop, and its setting for browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion is 2. That user.js file was originally in that computer, so that was the origin of that setting of version 1 in this one. There is nothing wrong with user.js in the older computer either. What does the 2 mean?

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See the comments in the source code:

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The remarks do not explain everything about browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion. This is an excerpt:

1390    // This is actual version of the smart bookmarks, must be increased every
1391     // time smart bookmarks change.
1392     // When adding a new smart bookmark below, its newInVersion property must
1393     // be set to the version it has been added in, we will compare its value
1394     // to users' smartBookmarksVersion and add new smart bookmarks without
1395     // recreating old deleted ones.
1396     const SMART_BOOKMARKS_VERSION = 4;

Have there been 4 different setups for smart bookmarks, or what does that remark actually mean? Smart bookmarks change in what way? Is this a change done by Firefox itself or by the user?

Version 2 was a different setup for Firefox 3.6? What about version 3? Version 4 in FF 18 has evolved further, correct?

Setting version 2 and version 4 must be an active process that happens whenever Firefox is launched, since the value in my user.js file is still 1.