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Despite renaming old Firefox folder,uninstalling and reinstalling 18.0.1,why am I still getting message that computer needs to be restarted to complete update?


I have read responses this question for version 17. I renamed the Firefox folder, uninstalled it and the maintenance program via the Control Panel, downloaded a new copy of 18.0.1 and installed it. It worked fine--until I shut down the computer for awhile. When I rebooted and tried to bring up Firefox 18, I got the message about the need to reboot the computer in order to complete an update. If I try to ignore it, the error message disappears but Firefox simply doesn't load. I also noted that the Firefox icon in the Start list and desktop had changed to what looks like an installation icon--or perhaps something more generic.

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The automatic install of "Troubleshooting Information" doesn't work. Do the "Troubleshooting Information" instructions refer to Firefox? If so, I can't get Firefox started, so am accessing this site via Internet Explorer.
I am running Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit. I am the only user and am the Administrator (no separate account).
I have Firefox 18.0.1

Jeremy Eramian 2 solutions 17 answers

The forums say to just try and do the update again, So when the message pops up select okay or restart is the computer. But what does the error message say? There might be a bug. Hope this helps, Jeremy Eramian