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Force Java Activation (override)


I am looking for a way to override the Firefox's blocking of Java for security reasons. I understand the risks and generally have Java disabled for my own protection. My problem now is that Firefox will not let me access some Java-enabled pages that I need to.

If I visit the a particular site (most common ones do not cause a problem), it automatically detects that Java is not available and re-directs me to another page. When I get re-directed, I don't have access to the Click-To-Play prompt, because Java is not in use on the new page. How can I disable the new BlockList or Click-To-Play (not sure what term) so that Java will just run as it always has. I will take my chances. I would like to toggle new feature off temporarily while I access site and then, I can have it go back to Mozilla's default behavior when I have finished using my particular site.

Only fix I can see at this point would be go back to an older version of Firefox or use a different browser.

January 31, 2013 - using current (non-beta) versions: Firefox for Windows 18.0.1 Java Platform SE 7 U11

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Please see How to allow Java on trusted sites

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Yes, I had already read the How to allow Java on trusted sites page. Problem with my situation is that those 2 "activate" screens flash by quickly while the page determines that Java is unavailable and proceeds to another page that does not have any Java code and at that point I no longer have access to the "activate" links.

In past versions of Firefox, I would just make sure Java was enabled before accessing the page. Now, I cannot access the Java page with the current version of Firefox and Java.