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Firefox warns about closing tab so as not to loose the content, can I disable this?


I have various browsing sessions, one is for email, one for studies etc. With one of the browsing sessions when I try to close a tab, firefox asks if I really want to close this tab, because for some reason it thinks I'm writing a message. This is really starting to get on my nerve, not because of firefox, but because of the website that triggers these popups.

Is there a way to disable these?

I've trying so hard to find an answer, so I would be really grateful for your help!

Blessings, Janne

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That is caused by a script that run on the page and is triggered by an onbeforeunload event

You probably can't disable such a warning alert, but you can check if you can find a Greasemonkey script to disable such an event

  • void(onbeforeunload = null);
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Years before, I set up a setting to block onunload from opening popup windows on some advice from a website.

user_pref("dom.disable_window_onunload", true);
Will that still work with the current release of Firefox?  If not, will this work?
user_pref("capability.policy.default.Window.onunload", "noAccess");