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HTTP 302 error


I have been trying to upload a photo image to Phase One Support but always get an HTTP 302 error when using Firefox. I can start the upload which takes about 7 minutes. As soon as the upload is completed I get the pop up error message. I have also tried using the Chrome browser and after the upload is complete i get a Server 500 error message. Phase One support has told me to clear the cache before sending the file and I have been doing that but I still can't complete the connection. IE9 does not even display the upload web page. The error message referred me to web site that had very technical information that I really did not understand. I'd like to know if the problem is with me or the receiving web site and is there anything I can do to correct the problem.

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  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • Shockwave Flash 11.5 r502
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 11.0.01
  • Google Update
  • Gaaiho Doc Plugin
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • GEPlugin
  • 5.1.10411.0
  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
  • Office Live Update v1.5
  • The plug-in allows you to open and edit files using Microsoft Office applications
  • Office Authorization plug-in for NPAPI browsers
  • np-mswmp


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More Information

HTTP Error. ‘302’ occurred null Please see http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616-sec10 html error code definitions for more information

Nico Travassos 2 solutions 12 answers

Helpful Reply

Hi there

Any client (e.g. your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) goes through the following cycle when it communicates with the Web server:

Obtain an IP address from the IP name of the site (the site URL without the leading 'http://'). This lookup (conversion of IP name to IP address) is provided by domain name servers (DNSs). - Open an IP socket connection to that IP address. - Write an HTTP data stream through that socket. - Receive an HTTP data stream back from the Web server in response. This data stream contains status codes whose values are determined by the HTTP protocol. Parse this data stream for status codes and other useful information.

This error occurs in the final step above when the client receives an HTTP status code that it recognises as '302'.

The 302 response from the Web server should always include an alternative URL to which redirection should occur. If it does, a Web browser will immediately retry the alternative URL. So you never actually see a 302 error in a Web browser, unless perhaps you have a corrupt redirection chain e.g. URL A redirects to URL B which in turn redirects back to URL A. If your client is not a Web browser, it should behave in the same way as a Web browser i.e. immediately retry the alternative URL.

If the Web server does not return an alternative URL with the 302 response, then either the Web server sofware itself is defective or the Webmaster has not set up the URL redirection correctly.

Question owner

Thank you for your detailed response. It was very informative. If I understand this correctly than there is nothing I can do to correct the problem as it appears to be at the server end.

Nico Travassos 2 solutions 12 answers

Correct. Its 99% a server error,

Email support of the website you importing your image too.

Enjoy your DAY!

Tahir 0 solutions 1 answers

I have also facing this problem. I have tried also but not getting any solution.