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need an addon - contains bookmark name to x characters (e.g. 10)


Hello: do you know of any add-on that constrains the bookmark name to x characters? x = 10 for me.

Ideally the addon would append the "cut" piece of the title into the description.

or an addon, that adss "bookmark/properties" into your right click (context menu) ?

why this is needed? > long bookmark names means the popout windows shift from right to left, and thus making navigation much harder (am on trackpad) > you seem to loose ability to drag within the popup to reorder bookmarks (when i have them small names, ffox does not seem to choke... likes it better)

currently my workaround is: 1 open the item in a tab 2 drag tab to bookmark bar (yes it will be long and push all you other icons off the page in your bookmark toolbar) 3 right click on the bookmark item (so you access bookmark properties) 4 correct title 5 drag cleaned up bookmark name to its correct spot (e.g. folder off the bookmark toolbar)

rather a little clunky.....

any better ways? or even better, any funky addon to do this for me?

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OsmanAlper 0 solutions 9 answers

You do not an add-on for that. Go to Bookmarks-->All bookmarks( ctrl+shift+b) ,click on the bookmark that you want to change, and change the name. I know what are you trying to say ,but what would be the use of this Add-on? The most simple way to bookmark a page is to double click on the star(the bookmark button) which is near the refresh one,and to edit the name.

Anyway, if you still want this Add-on I might give it a try...it's pretty simple to do that, but I do not have the time at the moment. Please PM me if you still want it.

Best regards, Osman Alper

Question owner

ummm... maybe your assuming I have only a few bookmark. why would anyone want to do it manually for over 300 bookmarks and every new bookmark,Ike 20 a week.

one day, someone maybe inspired to do it.

thankyou for your interest.

bookmarks are the most unstable part of Ffox - most addons around boosts cause major performance issues down road. I e disabled all my bookmark addons as the performance hit is bad. shouldn't happen but it does. even had to do the dreaded reset to fix.

so I've learnt keep your boomak clean (short) and no funny char and Ffox happier