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How to prevent a site from ever reappearing in address bar drop-down list?


There are a couple sites I don't ever want to appear in the drop down list. Every time I notice one of them I delete it (by pointing with mouse and hitting delete), but it will just reappear another day (most likely after visiting the site). I want to permanently prevent it from ever reappearing again later, how do I do that?

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You could delete the page from your history (and never visit it again).

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Sorry, but that won't work. I do want to visit the site, I just want to prevent it from reappearing in the address bar drop down list.

finitarry 157 solutions 2177 answers

I do not think there is any way to do that unless you set the location bar setting to show nothing (from Options > Privacy), or visit that site in Private Browsing mode.

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Thanks for suggesting private browsing. Although it does more than I want (for example it won't cache or keep cookies) it might have been okay for me... other than the fact it closed all my other tabs. I even opened another instance (window) of firefox and when I put that one into private, it closed my other one.

I think I'm just out of luck. Actually while typing this response and trying another window, I thought of a workaround.. I could just use another browser (chrome or whatever) for visiting sites I don't want firefox to remember.

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Future Firefox versions will have a PB mode per window.

See also:

Question owner

Much thanks! Historyblock is my solution. The only thing better would be if it still kept cache/cookies, but I'll live w/o those.