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Blocked Java and no Click to Play option.


Can someone please help? I am on FF 18, Windows XP and the latest Java (1.7.0_11). After spending many hours searching for and reading posts about FF blocking Java I fully understand the reasoning for this and it's fine by me BUT I do want to view/use java on trusted sites. The article, http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-to-use-java-if-its-been-blocked , seemed clear and simple enough BUT when I tried doing this on the Oracle Java test page, like others, I did not get any option to 'click to Play'. There was no red icon in the address url box (to click on) but there was a yellow pop up strip containing a blue icon on the left, the notice that a plugin was required and a button to install it. Clicking on the blue icon did not bring up any 'click to Play' option and this icon does not appear in the address url box. Clicking on the install button does only take me back to the download page at Oracle (and we can go on ad infinitum on this route).

Java works fine in IE (according to the Oracle test page). I have noticed that in FF, when I go to the test page, for what must be a milisecond I see the Java verification screen (rotating circle of blue dots) but then it gets blocked with the greyed out box. There is no message on that box as described in the above article, only a message that a plugin is required, clicking on that again takes me back to a fresh download button.

I have tried uninstalling Java and then downloading a fresh one through IE but that does not make any difference.

What can I do to get the 'click to play' option to work (any route would be fine i.e clicking on an icon or the greyed out boxes?

I have found that there is a FF click to play switch Addon at, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/click-to-play-switch/ but wonder if this would work if FF is already permanently blocking Java.

I am not a clued up techi guy so I can add any other info.

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You can see all about: protocol links on the about:about page for easier access.

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You can see all about: protocol links on the about:about page for easier access.

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Hi cor-el. Thanks for that message. I only found out about the facility presented when entering about:......... in the url box, all very helpful now. Many thanks, Bartoni