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When I open a Bookmark folder , the contents appear to the right and I prefer they appear to the left as they did until I was organizing some folders ?


I recently updated FF and then spent some time organizing and how the dontents of the folders appear to the right and I want them to go back to the left as they have been for as long as I have been using FF

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I do not use a Mac, but will try to provide some information.

There is a List all tabs arrowhead that by default is on the right hand side, and appears once the number of tabs overflows the visible bookmarks toolbar. that may be repositioned, if you customise the toolbars.

There is the bookmarks menu, on my lynux system that drops down left of centre.

There is a sidebar, that I believe is available in all desktop OS s an is on the Left Hand SIde. Finally there is the bookmark library, which effectively is its own window and may be placed as required.

I am wondering if it is the bookmarks sidebar that you normally use, and have lost the option for ?

(Or are you talking about tab groups ? or the drop down menu from the Bookmarks toolbar  ? )

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I don't think this is the answer . What I am talking about is that when I go down through the Bookmarks and hit a Folder I am ionterested in . I then find the site that I am interested in accessing is when the problem happens . Before the update yesterday , the sites in the Folders woulf appeat on the left hand side but now they appear on the right . A minor annoyance but this has happended before and I want to change it back to the left hand side .

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I'm still no sure what you see.

Do you mean to which side a folder opens if you hover the folder in the bookmarks menu or do you mean the alignment of the text?

If you can catch this in a screenshot then please attach one that shows this.

Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot.

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This is what the problem is "side a folder opens if you hover the folder " > right now it opens to the right and two days ago , it was opening to the left .

Thanks for all the suggestions

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Bookmark folders only open to the left if there is a bookmark with a title in the list that is so long that it doesn't fit to the right.
That makes Firefox open the folder to the left.

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Crap !! I deleted a few bookmarks and one them must have had a very long URL. Thanks for explaining so now I have to go out and find a site with a VERY long URL

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You can create a placeholder bookmark that has a long name (e.g. just numbers 0123456789 etc.) and use that to set a specific width. You can use anything for the location (e.g. javascript:void; will do).