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Select first item/result by default in Location/Awesome/Adress bar


The behavior I'm looking to have is, all together : 1- Select first location bar result while typing, so I can dirrectly hit Enter to go there 2- Being able to hit Esc (to exit location bar results list), then Enter to make a google (or any other search engine set in the hidden pref keyword.URL) 3- Being able to hit right arrow to use the autocompleting URLs feature

I had that behaviour on previous version of Firefox only by changing hidden prefs in about:config I've seen https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/enter-selects/ but I'm looking for the hidden pref because of my performance concern.

The page https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/awesome-bar-find-your-bookmarks-history-and-tabs?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Location+bar+autocomplete say nothing about that.

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  1. There's no about:config preference that provides the feature of Enter Selects.
  2. That's already the default behavior.
  3. browser.urlbar.autoFill must be set to true (the default value), and browser.urlbar.autoFill.typed must be set to false (user set value). In that case, pressing Right Arrow will allow you to continue typing after the domain name has been auto-filled, and Firefox will then also auto-fill paths or file names in the URL.

Question owner

Thanks for your answer. However

  1. I remember that changing a combination of 2 hidden prefs were doing the job in previous versions of Firefox. Before autofill feature was enable again by default, I had the behaviour I describe. I remember having found that when 'Enter Selects' 1 was release (but can't find again the page)
  2. Yes, but, I'm looking for the combination of 1+2+3 (In forums many answer say to disable autofill, that's why even if it is default, I had this criteria to my question)
  3. '3' is the default behaviour too. I don't see any change with the change you propose to do.
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See also https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/enter-selects/

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Thanks for your message, but before posting my question, I had found Enter Select Addon. I'm looking for about:config preference.

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You can't do this via a pref on the about:config page. Only an extension can do this or you need to use the cursor Down arrow and Enter key or retrieve the entry to the location bar with the cursor Right key.