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All Firefox downloads are showing as corrupt files and will not download to my computer.


I have been having problems with Firefox so I uninstalled and tried to re-install but an error message popped up on each version I have tried to download. My computer is compatible but I keep getting the error message saying the file is corrupt but it does not give me any options nor is Firefox helping. Please help now, I very much enjoy using Firefox but if this continues I will keep contacting Mozilla till it gets fixed. I WANT FIREFOX FIXED NOW DARN IT!!!!!!!! And i have tried downloading version 11 all the way up to 17 and each will go through the entire 30 to 40 minute wait then tells me it cannot download because the signature does not match the supporter or something, please help me fix this as soon as possible. I've never had problems until I wanted to use Netflix, which of course does not work on Firefox no matter how much I try. I have all the necessary updates and plug ins, I need to have this fixed.

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It is possible that your anti-virus software is corrupting the downloaded files or otherwise interfering with downloading files.
Try to disable the real-time (live) scanning of files in your anti-virus software temporarily to see if that makes downloading work.


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Same issue with all of my browers, IE, Chrome, and Firefox. After hours of troubleshooting I discovered it was Safe Eyes internet content filter. Safe Eyes just had a major update come out and if you installed it you are probably having the same issues I have experienced. I have used Safe Eyes for 5 years with no real issues....and then McAfee bought them and outsourced their tech service. It sucks. For whatever reason my machine with a wired connection to the internet works fine, but all my machines connected via WIFI have the issue you describe. No file downloads will complete, all are corrupt, or pop up with a message stating they are not WIN-32 applications. When I uninstalled Safe Eyes the problem went away and everything worked perfect. I reinstalled Safe Eyes and the problem is back. I contacted Safe Eyes tech support. So far they have been no help at all.