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When I try to upgade to the latest version, where have my list of favorities gone?


I use Windows7 on my PC and constantly told that I am not using the latest version of Firefox on thr Firefox start page, but when I try to upgrade to the latest version it runs but I cannot see how to access my list of favorities that I have built up over the years. Can someone tell me how to overcome this problem please?

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The "built-in" way to access your favorite sites in Firefox is to find them on the Bookmarks menu (Alt+b should drop down the menu) or in the Bookmarks sidebar (Ctrl+b should open or close the sidebar). Do either of those work?

Some users adopted an add-on named PlainOldFavorites to show their Internet Explorer favorites on a separate menu in Firefox, instead of importing them to the Bookmarks menu. If you were using PlainOldFavorites and haven't updated it, you might need to update: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/plainoldfavorites/

Any luck?

By the way, if you are using the old Firefox 3 start page, which is a page on google.com, the message there is permanent and isn't based on the actual version you're using.

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Thank you for your effort to help. Unfortunatley your suggestions have not resolved the problem. I still cannot access my favorities list. What can I do now?

Why cannot the clever people at Mozella include a routine in their upgrade proceedure to transfer the favorities list automtically and save us all from this frustrating issue?

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Did you update to Firefox 18.0?


If you have used Firefox before and only updated to a newer version then this shouldn't affect the bookmarks and other personal data stored in the Firefox Profile Folder.

Can you describe what happened (e.g. you updated Firefox or reset Firefox) and which data did you lost?

If you have problems with importing the IE Favorites in Firefox then export the favorites in IE to an HTML file and import that file in the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.

If you do not have the menu bar in IE then right-click the toolbar at the top to enable the Menu Bar.

  • Export the favorites in IE to an HTML file (bookmarks.html):
    File > Import and Export
  • Import the HTML file in Firefox:
    Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import & Backup > Import Bookmarks from HTML

See "Import from another browser" and "Import from file":