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how do I know spdy is active


The new protocol SPDY should be active when I go to google. How do I confirm that SPDY is running on my Firefox

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Please Update to the latest Firefox 16.0.x version.

The Firefox Firefox 13.0.1 version that you currently run is no longer supported with security updates

You can see an internally generated X-Firefox-Spdy header (e.g. X-Firefox-Spdy:3) in the Response Headers that you can inspect (click the main HTML file) in the Web Console to indicate that SPDY is being used and which version.

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THanks for the information. However I do not intend to go to the latest version 16 of Mozilla because they removed the multi coloured certificate notification. this allowed HTTPS to be seen green and other s blue, grey etc.. Until they bring that back I will not update. Also Mozilla may want to note that Opera uses multicolor certificate information.

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Maybe this helps to give the Site Identity Button a colored background.